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Programmatic Under the Microscope: It’s your choice

The fourth and final edition of NDA’s four-part podcast series, Programmatic Under the Microscope, in association with Xandr, focuses on the trend of advertisers taking more control over their supply decisions and the need for more differentiation and choice to keep the internet open and free.

In this last episode, we’re joined by Mike Simpkins, Commercial Lead, Xandr, UK & Northern Europe, and Chris Kenna, CEO & Founder,  Brand Advance Group.

The result is an in-depth and honest debate on how advertisers can ensure their media budgets are used to both drive commercial results and have a positive impact on wider society.

“This is now a commercial imperative for advertisers. Your brand will disappear in the next ten years if you’re not selling to black people, gay people, disabled people,” said Kenna.

Kenna and Simpkins discuss how this change is happening, how advertisers can take the first steps, and how programmatic advertising itself can play a role.

“Advertisers are acutely aware that they spend billions of dollars a year in advertising and that it has a material affect on society,” said Simpkins. “There can be a positive change from things like how they support minority media and making sure their creative is diverse. There is no excuse now not to be doing this.”

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