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Reasons to be Cheerful 2023: Iluma’s Sonia Pham bets on increased collaboration and innovation

NDA has always been dedicated to celebrating the digital industry and as the pandemic took hold we launched our Reasons to be Cheerful series. As we face an uncertain economic future, we’ll be hearing from leaders across our industry to discover what’s keeping them smiling as we enter 2023. Next up is Sonia Pham, Head of Product, Illuma.

What are you most excited about in the digital industry in 2023?

It’s really heartening and inspirational to be part of an industry that has changed so quickly over the past few years, and 2023 looks like it will be another stellar year for innovation. The technology that fundamentally underpins the digital industry has developed hugely over the past year and we’ll be reaping the benefits of this in 2023; this will mean we’ll see products for the ad tech industry that will be faster, more accurate and more groundbreaking in how they find, reach and expand audiences.

Why are you positive about your business in 2023?

Illuma is going through a huge period of growth at the moment and I’m really excited to see our team develop here, and in the US, in 2023.

Next year’s roadmap includes major new products that will address brand and publisher concerns around accuracy and reach in the cookieless age. We’re doubling down on innovation in our display and CTV product areas, and we’re looking forward to getting out and talking about this with our partners.

How will the digital industry, and your company, help make life better for consumers or partners in 2023?

We’re preparing – as are many in the digital industry – for a squeeze in budgets across the board, with a real need for any solution to show value as quickly as possible. On that front, we’ve been focusing on making core changes to our infrastructure so that our partners can see that incremental return in their investment immediately.

What technologies have you been most impressed with this year and which will have the most impact in 2023?

The collaboration between tech companies has been really impressive to see. Clearly we’re all working towards trying to make the industry as transparent, effective and seamless as possible; coupled with working as cookieless by design, this throws some interesting questions out when looking at how to work and integrate with the various tech players in the market.

This collaboration – from integrations at the platform level through to tech partnerships with premium partners and channels – can be difficult and technically challenging, but the willingness of all parties to roll their sleeves up and get things done is something that will continue into next year.

What, if any, positive impacts on the digital industry could an economic downturn have?

I’ve worked through a few recessions and downturns in my career, and what has always been surprising is how they inspire so much commercial innovation. Everyone across the industry is forced to be creative to find their way through economic difficulties and this can often produce work with long-standing positive impact.