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Welcome to the next generation of identity: A LiveRamp Webinar

With the death of third-party cookies as we know them, now is the time for us collectively to move to a post-cookie world. The third-party cookie is the enabler for addressability, analytics, retargeting, and more, and replacing all that isn’t going to be easy. It is, however, a great opportunity to move to a privacy-first ecosystem based on trust.

Join us on Thursday 25th June at 11am to discuss:

  • How addressability works now, and how we need it to work in the future
  • What place cookies have in the ecosystem and what is needed to replace them
  • Different approaches to addressability, including people-based IDs and device IDs, and how we can unify them to create a coherent, trust based model for addressability.

We’ll be sharing a whiteboard demonstration of how addressability can work both now and after third-party cookies.

This webinar is hosted by Zara Erismann, LiveRamp’s Managing Director Publisher Europe, and Christian Carlsson, Global Solutions Architect at LiveRamp.

Please register for the webinar here