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2020 Visions: Publishers must take the lead in digital advertising

 As we head into what is set to be a seminal year for the digital industry, NDA has been talking to leaders across the market to hear their thoughts on what 2020 holds.

Dom Perkins is Digital Advertising Strategy Director at Immediate Media. We caught up with him to hear his views on the biggest trends and opportunities or publishers in the year ahead.

What has been the most important development of 2019 in the digital industry and your professional highlight of the last decade?

For 2019 it’s been about publishers/content owners finally understanding that they are in a strong industry position.

From Google announcing Chrome 3p data restrictions to the ICO making it very clear RTB is broken, publishers have never been better placed.

Publishers own trusted brands, they produce the content consumers engage with and they own the relationship with the consumer. It’s time they understood this and controlled the way these assets are used.

What are you most excited about in digital in 2020?

The final death of 3P cookies.

Why should advertisers be excited about digital in 2020?  

They won’t be unless publishers/content owners can create a true ID solution which they control and work with advertisers to enable them to target both their own permissioned consumer CRM data in a compliant way and new users targeted deterministically and effectively in a compliant way.

We are seeing a plethora of new companies entering the space. Other than your own company, who are you most excited about?

We’re seeing a number of companies using the change in the landscape to build strong new business verticals.

We already work with companies like Permutive, who are enabling publishers to unlock and control their 1st party data.

Other examples are companies like Infosum, from a data point of view are very exciting and will enable publishers/advertisers with strong CRM to generate solid revenue growth.

Another is Redbud, they are empowering publishers/content owners to protect their consumers data and understand which partners may not be as transparent with the truth as they are suggesting.

There are many more who will appear next year as well as many who may not make it if they carry on trying to trade as they are.

What is your one Christmas Wish for the digital industry in 2020?

Don’t just follow the usual path, think independently and logically about the longer term not just short term.