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Editor’s View: In 2024 at NDA it’s even more all about people

Welcome to 2024. NDA is back after what felt like a very long break!

The Christmas break is the only time during the whole year when our frenetic, ever-evolving, daily-innovating industry just stops. 

Arguably it’s the only time anyone in the digital media and marketing industry has time to really take stock, consider, pause.

Thus the current outpouring on LinkedIn of reflections on 2023 and hopes and dreams for the year ahead. 

At NDA we were of course also taking stock, and making plans for what 2024 means to us. And for NDA, it’s simple. People.

We have always been dedicated to celebrating the incredible, creative, innovative people that make up our unique industry and in 2024 we’re only going to increase this focus.

Our aim is to celebrate our industry’s leading thinkers and innovators, discovering how they are helping to shape our industry, an industry that in turn helps shape our wider society at large.

Through events, such as our new series of NDA Live sessions, our invite-only Foresight leadership summits, our regular roundtables, and our unique Dragaon’s Den-style Soho Sessions. 

Through podcasts, like Deputy Editor Tyrone Stewart’s must-listen series Digital Leaders of Tomorrow and our NDA Meets series profiling our industry’s brightest and best. 

And of course through series like Digital Women and Media Pride focusing on particular communities within our industry, both of which form key tenets of NDA.

So too our Trinity Lunch series, where we bring a few hundred of the industry together for an afternoon of pure networking, long the lifeblood of our industry, joy. Already running several times a year in London and Manchester, we’re next month launching in Scotland, with more regions to come in 2024.

There is in fact a lot more to come in 2024. We’re working on plans for a raft of new initiatives, still top secret but set to drive our mission further and faster. 

But always, always, people will be first and foremost. 

NDA has always been by the industry for the industry. We’d love you to be involved too so if you have an opinion to share or an idea to get involved in any aspect of NDA, please drop me a line at

We can’t wait for the year ahead!

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