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Esports news


As the almost-billion-dollar esports betting industry expands, companies are seeing green beyond early-stage challenges

The COVID-19 pandemic has jump-started a period of growth for the esports betting industry, and companies in the space are working to address the unique challenges that come with this relatively new way to gamble.

Influencer news


To Better Measure ROI on Influencer Marketing, CreatorIQ Acquires Tribe Dynamics

As marketers feel increasing pressure to show the ROI of every dollar spent, measuring the success of influencer marketing has become its own segment in the sphere.

CTV news


Roku And Shopify Bring Ecommerce To CTV; WaPo’s Zeus Launches A News Publisher Ad Network

Shopify and Roku announced a partnership to bring a Roku app for CTV ad creation and campaign management to the dashboard of all Shopify merchants. 



Reddit launches first UK brand campaign, hires Tinder marketing director

Reddit has appointed former Tinder marketing director Laurelle Potter as UK general manager and launches first UK campaign

OOH news


Kantar and Route join forces on media measurement

Kantar has added out-of-home audience measurement from Route to its TGI consumer survey data platform, now combining outdoor with print, TV, radio and online media consumption.


New Northern Line stations add 120 outdoor sites to TfL network

Brands appearing at the new sites include Sky, Channel 4 and PayPal.

Experiential news


Momentum Worldwide launches hybrid experience platform

Momentum Worldwide launches hybrid experience platform. WhiteBox blends real life and virtual events for brands.