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The Independent, BuzzFeed, Tasty, Seasoned and HuffPost launch ‘digital supergroup’ 

Independent Media, the new network comprising The Independent, BuzzFeed UK, HuffPost UK, Tasty UK and Seasoned, has been unveiled at Advertising Week Europe 2024.

Speaking to a crowded room of advertisers and marketers, leaders from Independent Media’s news and content brands took to the stage together for the first time. They showcased why the group offers unique opportunities for the industry, what this means for readers and advertisers alike, and their plans for the future.

The deal between the globally renowned brands was announced in March, but until now, the team has not publicly spoken about their joint aims, purpose and working together; nor announced the network’s name.

As an organisation, Independent Media — managed by The Independent, the UK’s largest quality news brand — can now reach across multiple generations, platforms and categories, linked by unprecedented data-targeting opportunities. The Independent brings 6 million registered users and its first-party data capabilities, combining with a social media footprint that sees the brands reach more than half of all the major social media platforms, and making use of storytelling from high-profile creators to the Independent TV studios.

Speaking on stage, Christian Broughton, Chief Executive Officer, Independent Media, said: “Professional journalism has never been more important. These renowned media brands, each with their own authentic tone and audience, perfectly compliment The Independent, and connect with different audiences in a trusted way, with purpose and shared values at their core. We ensure our audiences are respected and heard. Our new offering allows advertisers and partners to connect through our brands across multiple categories and multiple platforms.”

Cate Sevilla, Editor-in-Chief, HuffPost UK, added: “To have these different brands that represent different demographics and communities, and being able to provide information that can help people make those informed decisions and keep them engaged, is so  important. I feel really, really passionate about that.”

Homam Ayaso, Director of Video, BuzzFeed, commented: “Understanding audiences is key to growing a media brand with authenticity and credibility. This is a shared value across BuzzFeed, Tasty, Seasoned, HuffPost and The Independent. The opportunities Independent Media offers are vast and hugely exciting. I know the entire team is ready to deliver great work with our creative and collaborative partners.”

The partnership will enable expanded commercial offerings and a broadened editorial footprint. Ecommerce, events, audio, content syndication and licensing opportunities will be supported by significant high-yield targeted data segments as publishers and marketers move to first-party data and away from reliance on third-party cookie


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