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TikTok Academy launches across Europe to help brands become TikTok marketing experts

Class is in session as TikTok has announced the launch of the TikTok Academy across Europe, a virtual interactive education platform designed to upskill brands and agencies of all sizes at scale on how to best utilise TikTok for Business, kicking off with ‘101’ style introductory modules.

TikTok Academy is a dedicated platform to help brands and agencies get the most from TikTok. Through global and regional collaboration, it will offer a uniform, centralised educational experience around the world, while also addressing regional education priorities.

The training programme is built for everyone, from the most junior to most senior marketers in both brands and agencies, across all disciplines and areas of focus. The new curriculums aim to develop digital marketers into TikTok experts. Users will receive a digital badge that they are able to share publicly on social media to recognise their completion of a TikTok Academy course.

The platform will provide robust learning opportunities to help teams become TikTok-savvy marketers by delivering not just the “how-tos” of TikTok but also the key insights that will enable media and creative excellence on the platform.

Courses initially will focus on TikTok ‘101’ introductory overviews, covering the likes of creativity, safety and advertising, through to creative best practices, keeping communities safe and more specific product solutions – with more to come throughout 2023. TikTok Academy also features dedicated course modules for small businesses, helping them create content that chimes with their audiences and drives business performance.

Trevor Johnson, Head of Marketing for Global Business Solutions EUI, at TikTok, said: “We want every brand to get the most out of each campaign on TikTok, so the key is ensuring that marketers around the world can confidently use the platform. That’s why we’ve launched the TikTok Academy, which will enable brands and agencies to get the most out of TikTok. TikTok Academy is designed to educate marketers through a gamified journey filled with interactive and engaging experiences. It will help marketers at all stages learn how to create compelling content on TikTok that captures audience’s attention, while driving desired business outcomes.”

The link to register for TikTok Academy is here.


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