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Creators are key to the success of the Metaverse

Creators will have an essential role to play in helping to humanise and build communities in the Metaverse, and can act as an important ambassadors for brands looking to explore the new virtual world, according to Olly Lewis, CEO & founder of THE FIFTH. 

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Teen pioneers design the world’s next gen social media networks

A group of young Digital Disruptors tasked by the Tomorrow Group with creating a handful of new social media networks have plumped for judgement-free, gender positive, no filter platforms to build a more positive future…

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Take Graham Norton’s advice on social

So how does a legacy brand engage on social while remaining relevant and true to the brand? By fully embracing the unique opportunities that social videos present and leaning into creating fun and engaging content.

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A whole new world of payments in the metaverse

The metaverse promises a virtual future in which nearly anything is possible and where you can buy just about anything you can imagine. Whether you are looking for a new designer outfit for your avatar or a virtual palace to call home, meta-sellers will be there to meet your needs.