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Why visualisation is the key to better marketing decisions

In 2021, most organisations are interested in leveraging social media insights to power their marketing efforts. However, in practice, many brand marketers find it difficult to discover the ‘truths’ they need among the billions of social media data points created every day.

How to find valuable audiences currently beyond your reach

In the clamour to find privacy-compliant alternatives to the invasive methods of tracking and targeting customers based on cookies and mobile IDs, many marketers are taking another look at the insights available via the billions of social media interactions that take place every day.

Social Media

The importance of building a compliant social business from the ground up

Social media has become an increasingly integral part of our everyday lives and an indispensable form of communication. With an estimated 4.2 billion users across social media platforms, it is now estimated that around 87% of UK teens aged 12-15 have a social media account.

Social Media

Why retail brands need to maximise their use of avatars

A few years ago, for the majority of consumers the word ‘Avatar’ related solely to a blockbuster sci-fi film. Today, avatars have started to become part of our daily lives – especially on social platforms or video games such as Snapchat and Roblox, where bitmojis are being utilised by some of the world’s leading brands to target new audiences and generate record sales numbers

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Are we obsessed with Likes and followers?

The pervasiveness of social media across all ages has influenced our modern behaviours and in a world dominated by digital culture, people are currently developing social media habits that can simultaneously benefit and harm their mental health.