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Conversations with Cate: Featuring Kirsty Hulse

This Friday, Cate Murden is going to be talking to the wonderful Kirsty Hulse on her favourite subject – Confidence – and Cate’s favourite subject – Resilience – and how we can be both in the face of uncertainty.

Kirsty spent a decade working in marketing, running a successful marketing agency working with clients such as Virgin Atlantic, Claire’s and IBM. After being one of the only women on a conference lineup one time too many, she began to give free presentations to women to help level the playing field. Through this, she discovered her real passion for empowering individuals and teams to unlock their full potential.

Because what exactly does confidence mean right now? And how can we all create the best backdrop to make good plans, especially in times like these?  

We’ll dive into the importance of structure and process, and learn tools on how to keep going through the peaks and troughs.

We all have the confidence to choose how we feel and what we focus on, it’s about learning how to unleash it that’s key.  

So, if you’d like to join us, head to register and we will see you at 12noon on Friday!

If you missed out on last weeks chat with Chevy Rough, you can find it here


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