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In Conversations with Cate featuring Chevy Rough

Cate Murden is the Founder of PUSH, a business consultancy grounded in human behaviour, answering business problems with people-focused solutions. Having been signed off with stress from her role as Head of Partnerships at one of London’s largest, most successful media agencies, Cate had a choice: go back to the safe corporate world that she had known, or take the chance to make a genuine difference. She made the first step to helping people, teams and companies work better… and has never looked back. Cate’s experience and determination is what she shares and inspires her audiences with.

Continuing our commitment to supporting everyone over these coming weeks, and ensuring that our businesses aren’t disrupted and our people work as productively as possible, we have a brilliant session planned every Friday lunchtime that we’re calling ‘In Conversation with Cate’ (oh the power of simple alliteration!).

Each week I will be in conversation with one of our brilliant team of coaches sharing valuable insights that will help us all get through this – whether you’re a leader considering how to support your team and ensure that you all still achieve what’s necessary or if you’re working remotely for the first time and need to think how to work differently but still perform at your best.

This week, I will be speaking to one of our favourite people, Chevy Rough, about how we unlock our energy, focus and thinking — even when it feels like the world is conspiring against us.

After turning his life around from depression, drink and drugs, Chevy found a skill set supporting others to find their career paths. His purpose is focused on human performance and mindfulness, and how to approach training mindfully, while making holistic changes to keep moving, including life and career goals.
Chevy has worked with us for over 3 years now and we love HIS energy – I know you will too.  

Join us at 12 noon on Friday to hear some awesome knowledge. Click HERE to register for the webinar!


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