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Catalyst innovation event in London. Taking place on November 8th. The background is a deep purple with symbols that resemble cogs and gears.

NDA launches Catalyst, an interactive event to champion innovation in the advertising, marketing and media sectors

New Digital Age (NDA) has announced that its new innovation-focused event for the advertising, marketing and digital media sector – Catalyst – will take place on 8th November 2023 in central London.

Billed as an “innovation showcase”, the half-day Catalyst event will bring together leading innovators in media, advertising and marketing along with academics and thinkers from the wider innovation landscape, to discuss the technological advances that have the potential to reshape our world.

NDA editor Justin Pearse commented: “Catalyst is not just another conference. It’s interactive. It’s a sharing of ideas. It’s dedicated not only to highlighting the most exciting innovations in our industry today, but also to examining the very concept of innovation itself and how best to nurture innovation inside your own organisation.

“Through a mix of panels, interactive sessions and innovation showcases, we’ll dive into the great transformative tech available from across the various sectors.”

The morning event will be preceded by a light breakfast and followed by lunch. The sessions will also include breaks, during which delegates can network or take a time out.

Pearse said: “Catalyst is a chance to hear first-hand from thought leaders who are driving innovation across digital. Delegates can learn about cutting-edge products while hearing from the people who made them. It’s a chance to set yourself up as a leader and discover what innovation looks like for the rest of this decade and beyond.”

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