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The NDA Bookshelf: Virtual Reality Marketing by Henry Stuart

The NDA Bookshelf is our regular feature highlighting the must-read books to survive and thrive in the digital industry. We ask some of our favourite authors why their latest book is such vital reading and why exactly you should bother reading it.

Henry Stuart is the author of Virtual Reality Marketing, and Founder and CEO of Visualise.

Please describe your book in five words.

A gateway to immersive content.

Why should I read it?

More and more marketing campaigns are featuring VR and immersive content, some are now even spearheading campaigns with it. As the technology is evolving, the ability of VR to impact people emotionally and powerfully affect consumer choices and behaviours, is becoming apparent.

There is no greater ‘lean forward’ medium than VR, where your audience is truly captive. This book explains the intricacies of this very unique new medium and helps guide you through successfully creating immersive content. 

What are the three biggest things I’ll learn from it?

1. Why you should use VR – we look at some of the most exciting case studies from the advertising and entertainment industries and interview the people responsible for bringing the projects to life. They unveil the reasons VR is so vital for the future of content, both for advertisers and consumers.

2. When you should use VR – first of all you need to understand the intricacies and complexities of immersive content before you can apply it to your project. This book gives you the groundwork to understand when to use VR effectively. 

3. How to make VR — once you understand the need for VR, the book shows you the nuts-and-bolts processes required to successfully deliver a VR project.  

Who’s the ideal reader?

The book is aimed at advertising, entertainment and brand professionals. Starting with Creatives; Creative Directors, Directors, people in film that want to move in to 360 video, people in gaming that want to move in to VR.

It’s also aimed at Marketeers, Marketing Managers and Directors responsible for activating experiences for their clients.

Finally, it’s also for the budding VR creators out there that want to grow their tool sets, and understand more deeply the inner workings of some of the highest profile VR experiences to date. 

What are your top three business books?

  1. Creativity Inc by Ed Catmull – this is a brilliant book that shows the importance of culture teamwork and cohesion in one of the most successful production companies in the world (Pixar). It also lifts the curtain on the acquisition of Pixar by Disney and the dramas involved. All this inter-spliced with some amazing conversations and moments with Steve Jobs.
  • Shoe Dog by Phil Knight – the full guts-and-all story of the rise and rise of Nike. A fascinating book as much for the mistakes, betrayals, regrets and brutal honesty, as the meteoric growth of a global brand.
  • The Lean Start-up by Eric Ries – a revolutionary way of looking at entrepreneurs and start-ups, inspiring for anyone growing a new business in the modern world. Out with the business plans and in with iterative thinking. 

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