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Why brands must fund a diverse media: GSK EMEA Media Director Jerry Daykin

An over-zealous approach to tools such as keyword blocklists by brands is leading to a dangerous reduction in the diversity of consumers reached by advertising and the media it funds, according to GSK EMEA Media Director Jerry Daykin.

“As an industry we use quite blunt ways of ensuring brand safety,” he said. “A Vice study showed words like Muslim and lesbian were blocked more often than murder and rape. In doing this, brands are massively excluding consumer groups they need to be reaching and squeezing those voices out.”

Daykin was speaking at the launch of 99Club, a collaboration between New Digital Age and Mad//Fest that aims to bring together the most brilliant minds in marketing, advertising and tech.

A well-known champion of diversity, he also discussed the responsibility of brands in using their ad budgets to fund local news and diverse media.

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