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2020 Visions: The convergence of digital and TV advertising

As we head into what is set to be a seminal year for the digital industry, NDA has been talking to leaders across the market to hear their thoughts on what 2020 holds.

Daniel Clayman is VP, Northern Europe at Xandr. As the year kicks off, he’s looking forward to seeing how advertisers make the most of technologies like AI and machine learning and is hoping for increased collaboration across the industry to deliver unified experiences across all consumers’ digital devices.

What was the most important development of 2019 in the digital industry?

The digital industry saw a number of developments over the past year. Perhaps the most significant has been the recognition and tangible movement towards a future where digital and TV advertising are converged.

From the technology and tools developed, to the streaming services introduced and continued consolidation across the industry, it’s clear that advertising is ready to meet the growing needs of consumers as their behaviour shifts to more holistic viewing across devices.

What should advertisers be excited about digital in 2020?

In 2020, advertisers should look forward to expanding on the opportunities that have emerged over the past year. Not only are there a growing number of ways to reach consumers, but consumers are more engaged than ever before, attributing about four hours of their day, every day, to content.

Advertisers should also be excited by the new and emerging technology they can leverage. Whether it’s leveraging AI or machine learning, the solutions advertisers have access to are continuing to offer more efficient, precise and accurate ways to reach the audiences they care about most.

We are seeing a plethora of new companies entering the space. Other than your own company, who are you most excited about?

I always look forward to seeing new, agile startups enter the market. At Xandr, we’re constantly evaluating how we can enhance our own products and capabilities, and often that’s through integrating the technology these startups offer onto our own platform.

What is your one New Year’s wish for for the digital industry in 2020?

My wish is to see more collaboration across the advertising industry.

While 2019 was a great start, we expect to see technology companies work even more closely with advertisers and publishers to develop unified, consumer-first, solutions for key challenges including privacy, transparency and identity.