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AI is having a big impact on marketing strategies this year

Artificial intelligence (AI) is playing an important role in the marketing strategies of most businesses this year, according to research from Scibids.

The survey of 252 UK senior brand marketers, carried out by Censuswide, found that 87% of marketers view AI as an important part of their 2023 marketing strategy. And 94% of those surveyed are already apply the technology within their digital advertising. In particular, they are utilising AI for targeting (49%), measurement (48%), and data application (45%). Interestingly, 61% of respondents are already using AI to help them deliver effective, privacy-friendly, environmentally-conscious ads.

“Digital marketers are increasingly embracing and enhancing their use of AI as a tool to overcome the new hurdles and challenges they are facing. This research also showcases that while the industry has come a long way in terms of utilising AI, there is still plenty that can be done to ensure further stability and growth in the future,” said Matt Nash, UK MD at Scibids.

“AI, particularly custom algorithms, is vital as brands seek to drive ROI across programmatic-bought paid media and increase sales and brand equity. Indeed, programmatic is here to stay, but only by embracing AI’s Golden Age can it unlock its true potential.”

When looking at programmatic in particular, 74% expect their programmatic investment to grow this year, with a growth of at least 30% predicted on average.

However, only 24% are using the technology for their programmatic strategy, highlighting the fact that there is still plenty of room for AI adoption in that area.

The vast majority of marketers (92%) are well or fairly-well informed about the opportunities for customisation with programmatic, but only half (51%) believe they are making full use of the available demand side platform (DSP) customisation features. These marketers cite a lack of budget (47%), staff resources (41%), and time (32%) as the biggest blockers to capitalising on the full extent of DSP customisation.

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