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NDA Viewpoints: Dmexco Insights (2)

We’re talking to experts in the market to hear their insights on last week’s show.

Gavin Stirrat, VP Europe, Partner Services, OpenX

One theme that arose repeatedly in our conversations at  DMEXCO  was the ongoing development of OTT/CTV. There’s a real buzz around the topic — we find ourselves in the midst of the streaming wars, with player after player — from Amazon, to Disney, to Apple — joining the fray.

 It’s exciting times for tech providers and advertisers alike, and it’s easy to see why — with OTT offering top-notch content for consumers and a wealth of actionable data for marketers, it’s not just a valuable platform in its own right, but the cornerstone of a cross-platform strategy.  

As the market grows increasingly crowded, the smallest advantage is a differentiator — so players should be well aware of what sets their proposition apart. Content is king, but with battles raging over original and proprietary content it’s becoming increasingly important to focus on who owns the castle.

Nick Beck, CEO & Founder, Tug  

A key conversation on the ground was the diminishing status of third-party cookies, and what the impact for buyers and sellers is as we move away from this kind of ‘heritage’ tracking system. The number of would-be solutions up for discussion is extensive, but the ultimate prize is still very much to play for.

Given the  slightly  smaller conference space  at  DMEXCO  this year, what also struck me was the profusion —  perhaps over-saturation — of data analytics platforms.

Too much noise is not a  good thing, and I wouldn’t be surprised — or disappointed — if many didn’t return next year. To get to where we need to be, the focus needs to move from just new bells and whistles and data for data’s sake to better and smarter implementation of existing tech.

From noise to sound, perhaps the most exciting development was the conversation around audio. Discussions around  ‘sound logos’  and  around ‘sound brand language’ was particularly  interesting.

Voice technology  and marketing  is still just in its infancy, so we’re excited to  work with brands in this space. However, this space will create new consumer concerns that marketers will need to tackle.  It may well be, to quote one spokesperson, that “Big brother isn’t watching —  he’s listening.

Mike Klinkhammer – Director of Advertising Sales EU at eBay

While VR and augmented reality sparked conversations at  DMEXCO  this year, the true reality was that those bells and whistles were there to mask some of the bigger more tangible problems brands and marketers are facing.

One seemingly absent topic was the importance of supply path optimisation. Marketers are demanding more transparency from their suppliers, and this should be front and centre of these conversations. More knowledge around the supply chain, and the infrastructure around how suppliers are buying ads is key for marketers to understand and maximise the value of their spend.

These things are technical — and perhaps not as glamorous as VR head-sets, but it’s crucial  as advertising becomes more digitally enabled. Skimming over this in favour of more futuristic and less accessible technology felt like an oversight, and one that should have been better considered through  DMEXCO  this year.