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Good-Loop launches two new integrated features in Green Media Suite offering

Good-Loop has announced the launch of two new tools that will be integrated into its Green Media Suite, part of Good-Loop’s Green Data proposition. These will provide improved user experience (UX) and integration for clients. 

The Creative Optimisations Tool will help clients identify opportunities to reduce the carbon emissions of digital ad campaigns, making it easier to achieve their sustainability goals.  Its primary function is to reduce the size of creative assets; by optimising the creative, advertisers can decrease the energy required for ad campaign delivery and storage, ultimately reducing the carbon footprint associated with their campaigns. The new offering will be integrated into Good-Loop’s Green Dashboard platform, enabling clients to visualise their ads’ environmental impact.

Also launching is a new Green Media API (Application Programming Interface) which will make it easier for clients to integrate carbon measurement into their reporting and media services.  As well as offering  usage of the Green Dashboard for analysis and recommendations based on campaign data, the API  eliminates the need for custom integration into existing carbon metrics for clients. It offers a one-stop data feed for a variety of sustainable media metrics. . This empowers advertisers to easily assess the environmental impact of their ads, analyse data, and take informed actions accordingly.

Ryan Cochrane, Chief Operations Officer, Good-Loop says: “We are always working to enhance our offering to meet evolving market demands, simplifying the path to sustainable advertising. With Climate Week underway, we’re keen to accelerate the conversation around sustainability goals, and highlight how small changes can make a big difference. We hope that advertisers feel empowered to assess the impact of their ads on the environment and commit to taking action.”