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NDA at POSSIBLE: Phil Schraeder of GumGum talks about the ‘rise of the mindset era

GumGum CEO Phil Schraeder delivered a thought-provoking and heartfelt session on the power and effectiveness of advertising with a ‘mindset-centric’ approach. The session covered how brands are embracing the Mindset-first strategy and showing results today but also what exciting advancements are on the horizon

In the face of the “identity apocalypse” brands must now embark on a new era if they want to stay relevant and connected to their customers. An era powered by tapping into a customer’s mindset. An era where the winners will prioritize solutions that help them know what their customers are thinking, how they are feeling, and what they want/need right now. An era where “Mindset” not “Identity” is the true focus of any brand marketing strategy. Simply by harmonizing advanced contextual data-driven thinking with creative storytelling brands can capture their customers’ attention in the moments that matter and build a deeper, long-standing connection with them.

The industry is moving into a new era, one that requires a shift in how advertisers think about reaching and connecting with people in digital environments. Rather than base their targeting efforts on past behaviours – the future of digital advertising will rely on meeting people in the moment and aligning advertisements with someone’s present frame of mind.

“The truth is we don’t need to know who you are in order to deliver relevant and effective advertising. As human beings we naturally move in micro-moments, floating from one topic to another. We believe that digital advertising should be able to move with us, help us find what we need or didn’t even know we needed, and that adds to the overall experience. The Mindset Matrix is a framework that helps advertisers make that shift, while being just as effective, and doesn’t require the use of personal data”