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Permutive teams up with PubMatic to unlock the power of first-party data

Audience platform Permutive has entered into a partnership with PubMatic, a digital advertising technology company, to make first-party publisher data more accessible to advertisers and monetisable for publishers.

The partnership pairs PubMatic’s Connect – which enables media buyers to connect with their target audiences across the open internet – with Permutive’s audience infrastructure, which provides publishers and advertisers with the ability to action their data in a privacy-first environment.

“PubMatic Connect is an industry-leading addressability solution that brings together a portfolio of leading-edge partners like Permutive,” said Andrew Baron, SVP, Addressability and Marketplace at PubMatic. “Together we are delivering high-performing first-party data that drives results for advertisers and publishers while protecting consumer privacy.”

As consumers increasingly opt-out of third-party tracking for advertising, and with third-party cookies eventually on their way out, the aim of the partnership is to answer the market demand for first-party solution that deliver addressability at scale, and responsibly.

Advertisers and agencies buying on the PubMatic platform will have easy access to Permutive-facilitated cohorts, which providing audience targeting across all browsers without using third-party cookies. Meanwhile, publishers will be able to unlock demand from advertisers via the Connect solution.

“Enabling cohorts through PubMatic’s Connect allows advertisers and publishers to achieve addressability at scale without compromising on privacy,” said Mark Pearlstein, Chief Revenue Officer at Permutive. “Together, PubMatic and Permutive are powering infrastructure built for a privacy-first future where first-party data and first-party relationships are the engine for advertising in a more responsible web.”

*Permutive is a client of Bluestripe Communications, owned by Bluestripe Group, owner of NDA


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