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Trinity Lunch Winter – Meet the Sponsors: Chris Hogg, Chief Revenue Officer, Lotame

Ahead of the Trinity Lunch Winter 2023, we caught up with  Chris Hogg of Lotame

Is this your first Trinity Lunch event and what do you expect from the day?

This marks Lotame’s third consecutive year participating in Trinity Lunch events, and we look forward to the upcoming winter edition. Trinity events offer excellent opportunities for collaboration among diverse, like-minded industry peers. In today’s dynamic landscape, marketers face unprecedented data challenges in acquiring and retaining customers. Participating in Trinity Lunch Winter strategically positions us for year-end discussions, creating a conducive environment to explore collaborative opportunities for the upcoming year as we navigate towards a future where data empowers us all.

From conversations and presentations you’ve seen and been part of, what is the industry talking about right now?

AI, for obvious reasons, has dominated a good deal of conversations. How can marketers use it for competitive advantage? How can we train teams in AI to improve efficiency and effectiveness versus replacing valuable talent? There are certainly more questions and what-if scenarios being bandied about but all in all, I sense a great deal of excitement and wonder about what AI can do for our industry.

The other hot topic of conversation is retail media’s run for walled garden dollars. Marketers have more options to test ad effectiveness, and we’d encourage them to use that innovation budget to lean into retail media and CTV. Go where the consumers are, and right now, these two channels are winning big.

If you were to highlight three topics as being most important to your partners and clients, what would they be? 

AI, for all the reasons and probably many more I shared above. 

Cookieless Addressability: Google Chrome plans to sunset cookies once and for all in 2024. For those who have a good deal of ad spend still riding on cookies, next year will be a real rollercoaster. 

Sustainability: As more companies are required by regulations to report on their carbon footprint, they’ll cascade that pressure downstream to partners. Without standards for our industry, many companies will be hard-pressed to prove their actions have any real or lasting impact. 

Is the digital marketing industry ready for the ‘cookieless’ era?

Ready or not, time’s up. The cookieless era has been well underway for years with cookie-free environments like Safari, Firefox, Connected TV and mobile. Innovation is core to our industry and we’ve adapted time and time again to change. Cookieless is no different.