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Yahoo expands omnichannel targeting and measure with Adsquare for DOOH

Yahoo has announced a new relationship with Adsquare to bring expanded digital out-of-home (DOOH) targeting and measurement capabilities to its omnichannel Yahoo DSP across EMEA markets. Building on Yahoo’s already extensive capabilities through its own proprietary data and third-party relationships, this expanded partnership allows advertisers to further hone their campaigns through Adsquare’s footfall measurement and audience scoring segments. 

Yahoo’s own Identity Graph is built on deterministic data from opted-in, consented consumer relationships across a range of omnichannel, cross-screen touchpoints, like mobile app, search, owned and operated sites and apps, and more, processing billions of impressions globally that help advertisers make smarter decisions across digital channels. 

Using cutting edge solutions to offer a broad range of privacy-centric, intelligent data solutions that use consented, then anonymised data to inform smarter decisions, Adsquare helps deliver better performing campaigns and improves return on investment for advertisers. Through these new DOOH offerings for advertisers, Yahoo is now helping advertisers make even better business decisions across their multi-channel campaigns.

By combining mobile audience data with SDK-derived data, “Audience Scores” give advertisers an easy to understand, predictive index that ‘scores’ audience segments for unique geographical locations. With that insight, advertisers can make informed decisions about the right DOOH locations to activate their campaigns, based on their desired audiences and objectives. 

Through similar data combinations, measurement of footfall across geographical locations helps advertisers understand how many customers their campaigns are impacting and how to adjust and optimise to improve outcomes. This tool goes beyond traditional engagement KPIs to help advertisers truly understand what’s working in their DOOH campaigns. 

Tom Laband, CEO & Co-Founder at Adsquare commented: “OOH is finally taking its place at the heart of fully integrated, automated and measurable campaigns. We are proud to offer our solutions with Yahoo as an independent data specialist. Our two companies are firmly united in an attitude of the highest standards of privacy and the goal of developing the most innovative customer solutions. With this new integration, we bring these principles to life with the clear message that – especially in these times – solutions for higher effectiveness should be a priority.” 

Josh Partridge, Head of EMEA at Yahoo said: “Through the combination of our own industry-leading technology, along with partnerships and integrations, the Yahoo DSP offers the most holistic opportunities for advertisers across every digital channel. DOOH is seeing tremendous growth, and we are able to connect advertisers with an unparalleled amount of digital screens around the world. With this expanded capability, we are making it easier for our customers to measure coherently across their omnichannel campaigns through one platform.”

These new audience capabilities from Adsquare are available now in the Yahoo DSP in all major European markets.