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Aleph Group launches One Brand initiative to unify its global brands

Aleph, an ecosystem of local digital experts and technology-driven solutions, has launched its ‘One Brand’ initiative, uniting its unique range of brands under the Aleph name.

Aleph’s expertise is connecting thousands of advertisers with billions of consumers globally and creating markets for local businesses to grow through digital advertising. The Group’s multiple, largely regional brands included Httpool – which serves clients in the UK –, IMS Internet Media Services, Ad Dynamo and Connect Ads, and served as the adtech partner of choice for the world’s leading platforms, advertisers and agencies.

Now, the Group, headquartered in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and Dubai, UAE, will immediately re-brand the majority* of its legacy brands to Aleph, creating a truly unified, global ecosystem of local experts in the process. This will also support Aleph’s medium-term growth strategy: by 2026, Aleph aims to partner with more than 60 top digital platforms and help them offer innovative advertising solutions to clients in more than 150 countries. Through the One Brand initiative, Aleph will enable greater collaboration and knowledge sharing, enhance professional development, and amplify opportunities to offer its full suite of services beyond the 22k advertisers and 45+ platform partners it serves today. It also creates a platform for Aleph to strengthen its position in existing markets, expand into new regions, accelerate organic growth, and explore M&A opportunities that align with its strategic objectives.

The initiative will also help Aleph build on the tangible progress made in recent years. Since 2021, the Group has expanded from 90 markets to 130+, now spanning five continents; and grown to serve more than 45 partners with a dedicated team of digital experts around the world. Through its global reach, unrivaled local knowledge and scalable solutions, Aleph helps clients enter new markets in a cost-effective and de-risked way as they expand internationally.

Gaston Taratuta, Founder and CEO at Aleph, and former EY Entrepreneur of the Year 2022, commented: “At Aleph, we are beginning an exciting new chapter that brings our local experts and proprietary technology under one powerful brand, Aleph. That is the purpose of our One Brand initiative, a strategic direction towards a unified future where our global expertise enables us to deliver unparalleled value to our partners, advertisers, agencies, and SMBs worldwide.”

Beyond its core adtech proposition, Aleph has also expanded through differentiation in recent months with the launch of Aleph Payments and Aleph Express. Building on Aleph’s nearly two decades of experience managing cross-border credit and payments for its partners, Aleph Payments provides a standalone credit underwriting and payments solution for businesses. Aleph Payments simplifies the financial complexities from KYC, local billing, collections, forex exchange and tax settlements, and cross-border payments, allowing businesses to focus on their main operations. Aleph Payments currently manages over $2bn worth of cross-border credit and payments.

Meanwhile, Aleph Express, Aleph’s proprietary solution for micro, small and medium-sized enterprises, provides a platform for entrepreneurs to create and maintain a free e-commerce website, create a product catalogue, discounts and coupons and record and process orders. Most innovatively, Aleph Express provides one unified inbox that integrates Messenger, Instagram, and—soon—WhatsApp, to enable businesses to efficiently engage and sell on the social platform of their choice – all in one place.

Finally, Aleph’s commercial strategy is underpinned by Digital Ad Expert, the Group’s social initiative to create economic opportunities through digital advertising education. Totally free, fully online, and designed by global digital advertising experts in the field, Digital Ad Expert has nearly 600,000 active users registered to the platform, certified more than 75,000 students from across 140+ countries in short courses, and awarded more than 10,000 students with their full Digital Ad Certificate. To create even more value for students, Digital Ad Expert recently joined UNESCO’s Global Education Coalition and supports its ambitious plans to upskill ten million people by 2029. This is in addition to Digital Ad Expert’s medium-term target to certify      100,000 students from around the world.

Across the Group, One Brand will enable Aleph to more effectively work with partners to scale Aleph Payments, Aleph Express, and Digital Ad Expert.

“Our vision for One Brand goes beyond unifying our visual identity,” adds Taratuta. “It’s about embracing innovation, fostering professional development, and accelerating economic growth in the markets we operate in. By equipping thousands of digital media experts with the skills they need to excel, we are not just shaping the future of digital advertising – we’re shaping future economies and providing dignity through education, the only currency that never depreciates in value.”

*Selva (formerly Social Snack), The Mediam Group, Clever Ads, and Wise.Blue will continue as unique brands, part of Aleph Group, Inc. The Aleph contracting entities remain unchanged.