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DNA acquires content and distribution platform from The Economist

Independent creative and content collective DNA has acquired the award-winning content and distribution platform the Digital News Agency from The Economist.

Since the acquisition, DNA has reinvested and reimagined the platform to make it an intuitive, innovative and powerful platform for PR, communications, marketing and brand teams. DNA CEO Gabriella Bord believes there is huge potential for the platform to challenge the status quo in the industry. 

Bord said: “I’m thrilled we’ve been able to bring the DNA into our business, as it’s a really powerful platform that is a joy to use due to its intuitive UX. We believe in this tool and understand the value it brings to brand and comms teams – both big and small. We’ve spent the last 12-months reinventing the business and investing heavily in the platform, so what we now have is a hybrid tool that brings the best features of PR Software and DAM together – built for marketing, PR & Comms and brand teams.

“The DNA will simplify the everyday and time-consuming tasks, and workflows that we know oh so well. From publishing and distributing stories on the fly, to collaborating and approving assets, sharing broadcast quality files and creating media lists for distribution – now we can do all of this and so much more – from one easy-to-use platform.”

Among the new features are:the introduction of purposeful AI for advanced search, image upscaling and media file optimisation and tagging; built-in file sharing, with useful permissions settings; a studio space where teams can collaborate on assets; content expiry dates and automatic archiving; localised content support. 

Josie Madoc, Content Strategy & Activation Lead at Vodafone Business commented: “We work closely with the team at DNA to create small business advisory content for our V-Hub service which we then distribute across 15 markets. The quality of the content and the relationship we have with them is second to none. Not only that, we’ve created our own internal content hosting platform which is going to make the process of sharing all the great assets with our teams around the world quick and easy – saving us loads of time and effort!”

Raluca Bosinceanu, Marketing Manager at LØCI, said; “Working with DNA has been an absolute game-changer for us at LØCI. As a platform dedicated to sharing compelling stories and informative content, DNA has become our go-to destination for all our articles, press releases, and campaign needs.

“The team at DNA has been nothing short of phenomenal. Their dedication to understanding our vision and accommodating our every need has made the collaboration seamless and enjoyable. From brainstorming sessions to the final execution, they have been with us every step of the way, ensuring that our stories are not just told but resonate deeply with our audience.”

Alongside its content hosting and distribution platform, DNA also creates content. With a collective of over 200 expert strategists, copywriters, designers and developers, DNA is primed to help create the perfect multimedia content from a blog post to strategic brand campaigns.