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NDA Agency News: krow Group, Fallon Group, TASTE and more

krow Group has announced the launch of its latest campaign for Elephant Atta, “Home is where the Elephant Atta is.” A cherished name in South Asian households, Elephant Atta asked krow to devise a heartwarming campaign to captivate audiences by celebrating the vital role of flour in South Asian family life. The finalised creative is set to leave a lasting impression on homes across the nation. Elephant Atta’s iconic pink bag has been a trusted companion in kitchens for generations, embodying the true essence of home-cooked comfort. To honour these invaluable connections, krow devised a campaign to highlight the role of chapatti-making in the heart of South Asian families. “Home is where the Elephant Atta is” captures the everyday moments that make South Asian family life so special. It features real families from diverse backgrounds, welcoming viewers into their homes and kitchens as they prepare cherished meals together. This authentic portrayal pays homage to the cultural significance of food and the bonds it creates. To elevate the campaign’s emotional resonance, krow partnered with international Asian music superstar, Raxstar. His heartfelt poem perfectly encapsulated the sentiment that Elephant Atta evokes in every home. Raxstar’s lyricism added an authentic layer of connection, serving as a love letter to the brand and the memories it fosters.

AXA UK reveals its new Masterbrand campaign, ‘Future You will thank you’, including media partnership with Channel 4. Developed by Fallon UK, part of Leo Burnett, the idea behind the campaign builds on the fact that insurance is something you get today for peace of mind, but really pays off in the future, if and when you need it: Future You will thank you. The campaign runs across AV, OOH and digital, complemented by a media partnership with Channel 4 led by Starcom, extending the brand platform and using Channel 4 talent George Clarke, Scarlette Douglas and Jason Fox. The hero 30” film produced by Pulse, opens with the calming, recognisable voice of comedian Ivan Battaliero-Owen (Ogmios Zen), who states: “AXA Insurance… good choice”, as a man takes out an insurance policy with AXA UK. We see the ‘future’ version of the man applauding his decision. We then see several more ‘future’ versions thanking him. Each scenario relates back to AXA UK’s home, car, business and health insurance offerings. The film ends with the fun image of all the man’s future versions of himself that needed insurance, thanking him enthusiastically. The campaign is supported by digital and out of home which uses the group hug shot from the end of the film with the campaign line “Future You will thank you”, and is complemented by animated 6$’s which bring the group hug to life. The campaign idea and strategy were created by Fallon UK, while media strategy, buying and partnership development was driven by media agency, Starcom. The campaign is supported by a partnership with Channel 4, also brokered by Starcom. As part of the partnership, Channel 4 created a series of contextual ads based on the original ‘Future You will thank you’ idea, featuring well-known Channel 4 personalities – George Clarke, Scarlette Douglas and Jason Fox. The ads bring the brand platform to life: showing the three celebrities reflecting on their careers and paths to success through these avenues, highlighting the message that our future selves will thank us for the good choices we make today. This launches in the first ad break during the Channel 4 programme George Clarke’s Old House, New Home on the 23rd of August.

Food and Drink specialist agency, TASTE, has been chosen by Maharaja Drinks, a new online retailer, to spearhead its UK launch and cement its reputation as the premier destination for Indian beverages. A first for the UK market, Maharaja Drinks will bring the best beverage selections from India under one innovative new retailer platform and is set to launch in March 2024. Maharaja Drinks, the innovative brainchild of five passionate individuals from the British Asian diaspora, is dedicated to showcasing the impressive range and superior quality of wines, beer, spirits, teas and coffees from their home country. By introducing a diverse array of new products and distinct flavours to the UK, Maharaja Drinks is primed to become the top choice for those seeking to explore the essence of Indian beverages. Maharaja Drinks joins other leading food and drink businesses in the agency’s portfolio including Seedlip, The Singleton, Copella and the Emmi Group.

Global drinks brand, Lipton Ice Tea, has unveiled its multi-channel experiential, influencer and paid #LiptonxSziget campaign to support its objective of becoming the most talked about brand partner at this year’s Sziget Festival 2023 – one of the largest music and cultural festivals in Europe. Led by a multinational group of 30 creators from the UK, France, Germany, Netherlands, Poland, Turkey and Hungary, the Lipton Ice Tea S.L.U.R.P. Squad (Sziget Lipton Ice Tea Ultimate Refreshment Patrol) was on a mission to entertain and resolve festival ‘emergencies’ for fans at the 450,000 capacity festival in Budapest, Hungary. The Lipton Ice Tea S.L.U.R.P. Squad surprised festival-goers with roaming solutions to festival problems including keeping cool in the summer heat with branded leaf-blowers, fire extinguishers and hoses. Located between the Main Stage, the ‘Coliseum’, and the festival’s three biggest campsites, a branded static fire truck also offered a Cool Off HQ – a central meeting point for lost festival goers to cool off and chill out while waiting to reunite with friends. This was supported by two one-off stunt activations across the festival’s busiest days on Saturday and Sunday. Triggered by curious festival-goers pushing a large, yellow ‘Press Me’ button, the activation launched a mass refreshment water fight led by the creators, armed with biodegradable water balloons and Lipton Ice Tea super soakers. The five-day campaign has achieved a combined reach of over 30 million followers on TikTok and  Instagram, with content published across Lipton and Sziget festival’s owned channels – including an Instagram live of the Big Cool Off water fight activation – as well as the 30 influencers, including UK creators @TwinTube and French creators @NAMS, @SuitManParis and @JustinAccessible. In partnership with global influencer agency Billion Dollar Boy, the campaign was executed in phases before, during and after the festival (10-15th August 2023) including: Lipton Ice Tea teasing and signposting the stunts to build anticipation for the festival activations; live creator content to share the fun far-and-wide as it happens; three collaboration posts with Sziget Festival official channels during the festival; recap creator and brand-owned content to share the experiences with their audiences; a paid campaign to amplify reach beyond the festival population. The campaign is designed to drive brand awareness, generate talkability, grow positive brand sentiment and support organic brand engagement through online conversations around the stunts and activations. The combined campaign objective is to increase online share-of-voice, making Lipton Ice Tea the most talked about of the 48 official brand partners at the festival.

Launching on 29th August, the out-of-home campaign by SNAP LDN and VCCP Media is their first for Florence, an innovative technology company that connects social care managers with nurses, carers and support workers, filling shifts quickly and easily through their free app. The bold “We give a shift” campaign speaks directly to the stresses and problems faced by busy care managers, who are looking for a better alternative to filling their shifts than using traditional recruitment companies. For them, the everyday and practical challenges of their job are at the forefront of their minds, so the campaign steers clear of the politics of an understaffed industry and addresses their very real and everyday staffing problems. VCCP Media led the planning and buying of the “We give a shift” outdoor campaign, bringing their philosophy of planning for impact to the forefront, with 48s and bus supersides focused in Birmingham and Manchester in proximity to key care centres. 

Creative agency EveryFriday has developed the brand identity for the new sustainably-minded Ashman Bank, revealing a better way ahead for lenders, savers and the planet and bringing momentum and answers to a clunky and stagnating sector. An ambitious new entrant SME bank, Ashman was the first UK bank in 2022 to receive its banking license (authorised with restrictions) and is founded by ex-property developers who understand the pains felt by SME property lenders and the barriers they often encounter. Ashman’s ambition is to fix the process, to make it more sustainable, to support conscientious savers looking to invest and SMEs building their way to better. EveryFriday was tasked with creating an identity to match these ambitions, developing a creative style and voice to cut through the clunk and remove the barriers. A series of workshops led EveryFriday to a platform idea: Making Better Happen, which was a springboard for Ashman to grow into a revelatory brand where clever use of light and a defiant voice reveals the way through the weeds, speaking directly to the needs of developers and conscientious savers, UK-wide.

Transport for London (TfL), in partnership with Wavemaker UK and VCCP London, is launching a brand-new integrated campaign that aims to highlight both the value and the extraordinary modes of travel available to Londoners across the public transport network. ‘Champion Value’ highlights the value and benefit that TfL customers get when they use the many travel modes, whether it be the Tube, Buses, Tram, London Overground, or the DLR, that TfL has to offer. Drawing on the strongest benefits of the TfL network: speed, convenience, frequency, and all-day travel the creative is accompanied by a consistent campaign message personalised to the mode of transport. For example, “For Fast, Think Underground”. The campaign also highlights features including daily capping, off-peak times and the bus and tram Hopper fare, that continue to make public transport a great value option for Londoners and international visitors. To achieve this, the creative developed by VCCP London, celebrates the moment people tap into the network and are transported to their destination via a colourful visual vortex of direction and speed. Using TfL’s iconic brand assets, the high impact campaign brings together the colours of the network, card reader and roundel alongside authentic sounds and the people of London to create the visual feast. A proudly all-London campaign, VCCP worked with London-based Director, Christian Bevilacqua and photographer, Hanina Pinnick alongside a cast of Londoners who all use the TfL network themselves. The campaign will span multiple channels including online film, digital content, posters and radio which will highlight the value of TfL’s transport network, reminding the public how great the network they use every day is. The film and radio executions use iconic sounds from across the network, such as bus and tram bells, card readers, acceleration of the tube, and of course, “Mind The Gap”. The radio SFX soundscape will punctuate the messaging with the sounds Londoners associate with travel and hear daily and were recorded on the network for authenticity. The campaign will use digital out of home channels to target specific price messages to the exact zones, times of day and days of the week making sure that the campaign is relevant to a wide range of Londoners for both price and mode of transport. The media approach was planned and executed by Wavemaker UK with support from It ensures that each customer knows the fare they are paying and value they are getting at every step of their journey. All channels, selected to guarantee the campaign reaches all Londoners and visitors to the capital, will run until at least the end of 2023. ‘Champion Value’ marks a new phase for TfL, moving from recovery post-pandemic to growing market share by showcasing the abundance of benefits of public transport over driving. This sits alongside the Mayor’ of London’s strategy to get 80 percent of Londoners’ trips made on foot, by cycle or using public transport by 2041. As such, TfL also announced improvements to the network communicated through its campaign, ‘Brighter’, early last month.