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Reasons to be Cheerful 2023: Adam Foley, CEO, Bountiful Cow

NDA has always been dedicated to celebrating the digital industry and as the pandemic took hold we launched our Reasons to be Cheerful series. As we face an uncertain economic future, we’ll be hearing from leaders across our industry to discover what’s keeping them smiling as we enter 2023. Next up is Adam Foley, CEO, Bountiful Cow.

What are you most excited about in the digital industry in 2023?

The question is more like – what do we mean by the ‘digital industry’?

There are very few channels in media that aren’t digital. The application of targeting capabilities that were honed for online display advertising are now available across the whole spectrum of media, which unlocks new potential for start ups and challenger brands.

Why are you most positive for your business in 2023? 

We’re a challenger business for challenger businesses, and the economic conditions mean that brands who are bold and decisive will thrive.

Our Head of Strategy, Chetan Murthy is fond of this quote from the late Ayrton Senna, which neatly encapsulates why we’re excited about 2023 – “You cannot overtake 15 cars in sunny weather, but you can when it’s raining”

How will the digital industry, and your company, help make life better for consumers or partners in 2023?

For too long, data technology has been the preserve of the on-line display world, which has rarely produced brilliant, memorable advertising and at worse actively degrades consumers’ digital experience. 

Advances in adtech and data matching allow us to apply deep audience insight to reach people through broadcast channels that deliver a better canvas for advertisers and are proven to deliver meaningful results for brands.

What technologies have you been most impressed with this year and which will have the most impact in 2023?

I’ve been really impressed by the Deep Screen video technology at Piccadilly Circus.

It’s digital advertising as it should be – bending reality to create a genuinely audacious spectacle that was seen, shared or talked about by everyone who came into contact with it.

What, if any, positive impacts on the digital industry could an economic downturn have?

Necessity is the mother of invention.

At a time when everyone has less money and even the duopoly are struggling, it will force us to rediscover the spirit of creativity and innovation, and do more with less. When most will be tempted to pare down to the basics, that’s going to prove more of a significant competitive advantage.