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The Fifth and Storyful collaborate on game-changing influencer performance measurement tool

Creative influencer marketing agency, The Fifth, has joined forces with Storyful, the social media intelligence agency, to create a new influencer performance measurement tool. The collaboration will enable brands to analyse metrics such as fame and interaction, to get a more accurate assessment of a campaign’s impact.  

The Fifth and Storyful have collaborated to develop an influencer assessment product that analyses eight proprietary metrics:

  • Fame – an influencer’s global follower account
  • Interact – an influencer’s ability to generate interactions
  • Response – an influencer’s ability to elicit a response from their audience
  • Share – an influencer’s ability to drive their audience to share content
  • Persistence – an influencer’s ability to keep awareness high throughout the course of a campaign
  • Authority – how often an influencer is talked about by others (without prompting conversations themselves)
  • Playmaking – how the influencer acts as a conduit for conversation
  • Popularity – how popular an influencer is among a specific community 

For brands, this analysis offers a new way to benchmark and understand the performance of an influencer. After an influencer is assessed for each metric, they are given a ranking versus the other influencers in a campaign. In turn, this allows clients to know who performed well in each metric, and to take this understanding into further campaigns.

In 2020, premium wine-in-a-can company, HUN Wines, partnered with The Fifth for its new brand campaign targeting millennials on Instagram. Titled ‘The #HUNdred Society’, the campaign used 10 influential voices from different subcultures in the UK to drive awareness of HUN Wines to a diverse range of communities. 

To measure the effectiveness of each influencer, Storyful and The Fifth used the eight metrics to analyse the performance of each influencer, ranking them from 1-8 to show the impact each one had on the campaign.

The campaign reached 1.2 million consumers and had 121,000 engagements, delivering on all KPIs and driving positive sentiment for HUN Wines. 

Oliver Lewis, Group MD and Founder of The Fifth, comments “As the market grows exponentially, this tool will be invaluable in enabling brands to navigate the space and connect with the right influencers. When combined with our premium influencer discovery and management service, it gives clients an in-depth examination of how each carefully selected influencer performed in a campaign, far beyond impressions or reach.”

Dara Healy, Executive Director of Intelligence at Storyful added: “We have long considered the role of influence in the new information environment. Out of this work came Storyful’s Cosmos tool, which maps digital communities and the interconnections within those communities to analyse influence and information flows between individuals. Our collaboration with The Fifth has been built around Cosmos and the result is an accurate assessment for each influencer.”

*The Fifth is a division of News UK, a client of Bluestripe Communications.owned by Bluestripe Group, the owner of NDA