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The NDA Innovation Sessions: tech firms get their chance to pitch agency leaders

New Digital Age is launching a Dragon’s Den-style event where innovative technology companies will have the chance to pitch their solutions to the senior team at leading agencies.

The NDA Innovations Sessions series aims to help bridge the divide between the most innovative tech companies and the agencies searching for innovative technologies to support their clients.

NDA Innovation Sessions, taking place on 9 June, will see selected tech companies pitch their solutions aimed at agencies and advertisers to some of the industry’s most creative and technically advanced agencies, including Mediacom, Cadreon, The Barber Shop, Total Media, and more to be announced.

The event aims to help solve the innovation conumdum which stops agencies and their clients gaining effective access to the technologies that could supercharge their businesses.

The tech companies will pitch the Innovation Sessions judges in the first half of the day, followed by a second deep dive session featuring the wider team from the judge’s agency.

The tech company competitors will be hand picked by our event partners, Dave Katz and Ellie Edwards-Scott, who have over 40 years of digital media experience between them, including working within top five agencies and running innovative challenger businesses.

Dave Katz said: “Advertisers want to hear about the latest technologies, but struggle to have the time to invest to do so. Agencies want to know about the best on the market but have so many companies approach them that sorting the wheat from the chaff is near impossible.

The tech companies that have great ideas struggle to refine them and make them as client-facing as possible, because unless they have client or agency input, it’s difficult to second-guess what either are looking for.”

Video highlights from The Innovations Sessions will be available to view on NDA after the event.

“Technical innovation is the lifeblood of our industry and it’s vital we keep it flowing in these challenging times,” said Andy Oakes, Publisher, New Digital Age and MD of its parent company Bluestripe Group. “We believe this initiative will play an important role in driving much-needed innovation throughout our industry.”

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