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It’s Always Media Thursday: Cannes Special – Bringing you the highlights from Monday at Cannes 2023

In this ‘Cannes Special’ episode of It’s Always Media Thursday, Andy and Justin discuss the highlights of the opening day at Cannes 2023 with Charlie Crowe of Crowe Advisory.

They talk about the ANA (The Association of National Advertisers) and transparency in advertising plus why Cannes is still really important despite sometimes being seen as solely a networking event. 

Andy, Justin and Charlie discuss seeing business being transacted in front of their very eyes, proving that Cannes does offer ROI despite of (or because of?) the glitz and glamour.

This year Cannes is bigger than ever, there are more yachts, more people and more Americans. CMOs and big agency leaders are in town and Cannes is buzzing.

NDA is partnering with Crowe Advisory and based on their yacht to bring you all the updates from Cannes Lions 2023