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Why brands don’t need to quit social media to inspire change

Today, one of the most effective ways for organisations to tell their story and raise brand awareness is through social media. But it has been difficult for brands to get this right. With so many obstacles, from fake news to countering trolls, is there still a way for brands to inspire change online? 

Social Media

Influencer marketing trends 2022: The pandemic impact and future trends

marketing managers have upped their influencer marketing spend since the start of the pandemic because of the growing opportunities in this space. So, what trends has the pandemic driven and what can we expect to see from influencer marketing sector in the future?

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Zeiss taps tmwi for paid social strategy

Zeiss Vision Care has appointed tmwi to develop a social media strategy that will drive national campaigns throughout the year.

Why visualisation is the key to better marketing decisions

In 2021, most organisations are interested in leveraging social media insights to power their marketing efforts. However, in practice, many brand marketers find it difficult to discover the ‘truths’ they need among the billions of social media data points created every day.