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Why Influencer Marketing Needs a Makeover

Consumers’ attitudes towards Influencer marketing have changed in recent times and therefore businesses and brands need to alter their approach when it comes to utilising this particular marketing niche, to drive the most success

Social Media

Sophie Strong: A thread of success for Zuckerberg

There are estimated to be over 128 social media platforms globally, with the average consumer bouncing between seven on any given day.  

Earlier this month, another was added to the list.  Threads, the latest in a suite of social media apps under Mark Zuckerberg’s META umbrella.  And, wow, it did it pack a punch on launch

Social Media launches influencer and creator management platform

Partnership management platform has launched, an influencer marketing platform that allows advertisers to discover, create, manage, and scale full-funnel influencer marketing programmes from a single interface…

Social Media

TikTok opens its first ever pop up shop on Oxford Street

TikTok Shop UK is opening the doors to its first ever bricks and mortar pop up on the world famous Oxford Street in London, to showcase the breadth of brands and creators selling on the platform in a real world context…