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Pixability partners with Cedara to lower YouTube emissions

Pixability, a platform focused on brand suitability and full-funnel performance on YouTube and connected TV, has teamed up with carbon intelligence platform Cedara to reduce carbon emissions from YouTube ad campaigns.

The partnership will see Pixability provide brands and agencies with carbon measurement, optimisation, compensation, and reporting via Cedara’s carbon measurement solution.

“Global brands are increasingly looking for ways to measure the impact of their campaigns beyond just business metrics, and reducing emissions is a top priority,” said David George, CEO of Pixability. “This partnership allows us to not only help brands measure their impact, but helps Pixability commit to reducing carbon emissions overall across the many YouTube and CTV campaigns that our technology and data power.”

Pixability clients have already begun successfully using the solution. For example, printer manufacturing giant Epson worked with its agency partner, Total Media, and Pixability to grow market share of its EcoTank printer. The YouTube campaign achieved 230 million impressions, with traffic from YouTube to the Epson website growing by 60%.

From an environmental sustainability standpoint, the use of short duration, high-impact creative reduced the carbon impact of the campaign fourfold. Meanwhile, bumper ads were found to be the most efficient ad format with just 0.54 grams of CO2 per impression.

“As we embark on this pivotal partnership with Pixability, we are proud to align our efforts with a company that shares our commitment to environmental sustainability,” said Eric Shih, Chief Operating Officer at Cedara. “By integrating Cedara’s end-to-end media sustainability capabilities into Pixability’s innovative AI-driven contextual targeting solutions, we are not only empowering brands and agencies to achieve their marketing goals more effectively but also providing emissions transparency and decarbonising media delivery on YouTube.”

*Cedara is a client of Bluestripe Communications, owned by Bluestripe Group, publisher of NDA