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Botify and Semrush combine SEO offerings to amplify organic search insights

Enterprise software company Botify has launched a partnership with Semrush, an online visibility management SaaS platform, to provide customers with streamlined access to competitive insights. The new integration, which brings complementary search data into Botify, allows customers to better understand the value of ranking on a given keyword, and provides increased visibility to competitors’ organic performance. Now, customers can analyze first- and third-party data from a central platform, creating efficiencies and more comprehensive insights.

As consumer behavior continues to change, the ability to stand out in a crowded landscape has never been more challenging, making it vital for digital marketers to enhance their marketing strategies and decision-making through the breadth of data available to them. By securely connecting their Semrush account to Botify, customers can access all their data simultaneously, allowing them to better discover where competitors are comparatively ranking, and identify potential opportunities for a greater share of voice. All data findings are now in one place to bridge the gap between competitor data, a site’s true ranking, and a company’s crawl data to optimize their organic search performance.

Christophe Frenet, Chief Product Officer at Botify, said: “We’re thrilled to be partnering with a market leader like Semrush, to deliver to our customers the utmost value in their data. As search spend continues to increase, this integration allows digital marketers to stop losing precious time switching between several apps, and utilize one unified platform to gain real-time, competitive visibility into organic search performance—informing an even more powerful data-driven SEO strategy.”

“At Semrush, we aim to make online marketing easy, and partnerships with companies like Botify are how we can make this a reality for marketers,” commented Marcus Tober, Senior Vice President of Enterprise Solutions at Semrush. “The integration between Semrush and Botify can improve workflows and efficiency for enterprise marketing teams as they face increasingly competitive markets and lofty goals for success.”

Steve Mayenobe, Lead SEO, Groupe SeLoger, said: “Accessing Semrush’s data directly in the Botify platform not only creates efficiency and time gains, but also allows for us to analyze the data based on the custom website segments we already leverage in Botify.”

To learn more about the partnership between Botify and Semrush, click here.