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Specsavers debuts branded Roblox game

Specsavers has become the latest brand to bring an obstacle course game to the popular online platform Roblox, as it seeks to engage younger audiences.

The ‘Specsavers Obby’ – developed in collaboration with game development studio Dubit and social media agency Tangerine – features five levels, where players interact with branded virtual items from the optical retailer and have the chance to collect 10 limited edition Specsavers-themed UGC items.

Items up for grabs include glasses, hearing aids, and a Snellen Chart sandwich board, which players can equip their avatars with throughout the Roblox universe.

“We’re always looking for new ways to engage with our customers and share relevant health messaging in easy, yet creative ways. So, we’re excited to get involved with the Roblox community and take our first step into the gaming world,” said Lisa Hale, Head of Consumer PR, Brand Activation & Social Media at Specsavers.

“This collaboration allows us to connect with younger audiences in an interactive way, that will feel completely natural to them. Conditions such as digital eye strain and myopia have all become more prevalent over recent years, so we want to encourage gamers of all ages, to look after their most valuable pieces of gaming equipment – their eyes and ears.”

The obby features a number of eye and ear-based obstacles for players to work their way through, question gates relating to health messaging, and advice from in-game optometrists. There’s also a maze that has to be navigated using hearing cues.

Within the first five days of being live, the game received more than 220,000 UK plays. And there were more than 50,000 UGC items redeemed in the first 10 hours alone.