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The road to Madfest: Tom Ollerton, Founder, Automated Creative

Ahead of Mad//Fest London 2021, official media partner NDA is chatting to some of the brilliant line-up of speakers before they step on to the stage (for real) at the industry’s first big in-person event in the UK in over a year. In this edition, we speak to Tom Ollerton, Founder, Automated Creative.

Why are you most excited about speaking at Madfest and your chosen topic?

I’m recording Advertisers Watching Ads live on stage. Googlebox meets ads meets Madfest – what’s not to get excited about?

What disruption in your market have you been most awed by in the last year?

Covid 19.

What has kept you smiling in your working life during the last year’s turbulence?

Recording the Shiny New Object podcast during lockdown has been my therapy, networking, education and social life.

I’m so lucky to get to interview our industry’s leaders about their vision for its future.

What positive impacts on long-term consumer behavioural shifts will the pandemic have?

There will be a generation of kids who have had their normally absent and working parents at home with them for a year or so.

Hopefully the madness-inducing pain of homeschooling will be forgotten and other positive memories remain.

What technology, innovation or market development are you most excited about for the year ahead? 

Slack has a new feature where you can schedule messages instead of sending them at weird hours.

This may save the mental health of teams across the adtech industry 😉

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