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NDA Meets Waze: The secret sauce that is the Waze Community

New Digital Age has partnered with traffic navigation specialist Waze for a six-part special series of NDA Meets. We will be talking to executives at Waze, its  users, partners, and advertisers to gain an in-depth understanding of how the company and the problems it is solving.

In episode two, The Waze Community, we sit down with Waze UK Country Manager Ru Roberts to find out why the Community is the company’s secret sauce in how it delivers value to all members of its ecosystem.

We discuss the vital role of the Waze Map Editors, a global community of volunteers that keep Waze’s maps up to date, in real time, to ensure the maps are rooted firmly in local knowledge and expertise.

“It’s brand loyalty like I’ve never seen anywhere else. This donation of time is something I’ve never seen before,” says Roberts. “Map editors range from a high-flying finance executive in New York who edits to relax after work to people in retirement who like to contribute to their local community. But these are all people with genuine local knowledge.”

And we find out how the Community also works with City Partners like Transport for London, as well as the advertisers who work with Waze.

Episode one can be found here.


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