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NDA Meets Waze: A six-part podcast series

New Digital Age has partnered with traffic navigation specialist Waze for a six-part special series of the NDA Meets podcast.

The series will dig deep into the company to understand how this unique app is disrupting the market to add value to not only its users, but an entire ecosystem of drivers, advertisers, city partners, and more.

We will be talking to executives at Waze, its users, partners, and advertisers to gain an in-depth understanding of the company and the problems it is solving.

In episode one, Solving Traffic, we sit down with Waze UK Country Manager Ru Roberts.

Roberts discusses Waze’s origins and the principles the app was built upon; the desire to have the “most robust, up-to-date, real-time map available”; how things have changed on the roads since the pandemic; the value of the data Waze offers to advertisers; how Waze is actually solving the issue of traffic; and more. 


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