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Agencies Shortlist

Agency Collaborative Champion

Milly Bell

Fox Agency

Milly started at Fox Agency fresh out of university. Having graduated with an English Literature degree, Fox Agency certainly lucked out with their first ever graduate appointment. From the get-go, Milly came into Fox Agency with contagious enthusiasm, high-level intelligence and ambition.

Six months into the job, Milly was promoted from her rotational role to work permanently in the Digital Team as her passion for digital marketing became clear. Fast forward nearly three years later, Milly now leads the organic social media output for the agency.

One pandemic later, two more promotions and a department change, Milly manages organic social media on behalf of our global B2B tech clients, such as Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise, SONY Digital Imaging, Brother Sewing and more.

Milly is a social media advocate for our clients, educating, advising and delivering greatness. She champions excellence, smart working and now line-manages and trains our new graduates at the age ripe old-age of 23. Milly helped plan and organise a designated sub-team within the Digital department for organic social within the company, which provides organic social campaigns and retainers for nearly all the agency’s clients (between an average of 5-8 accounts at once).

A notable campaign highlight includes pitching and executing a live-tweeting campaign that gained over 1 million total paid and organic impressions.

As our Digital Expert, Milly does it all: social listening, planning and strategizing, writing and scheduling, reporting and optimisation. She goes above and beyond in everything she does, and it won’t surprise you that she is also a key member of the Events Committee, and Fox Agency’s internal training programme Foxbridge.

A go-to for clients and staff alike, Milly has quickly become the face behind organic social at Fox agency, a key component in our client’s ever-growing success.

Milly is undoubtedly a hero for Fox Agency: her exceptional personal and professional growth makes her fantastic role model for graduate employees. She is always thinking of positive solutions and problem solving in all that is social media.

Fox Agency has seen a huge amount of growth in the past year, of which organic social is crucial to, Milly has been there every step of the way. She is a credit to the Digital team and to Fox Agency as a whole. For someone who has only just started their career, we’re very excited to see what comes next.

Rachel Pyke


Rachel joined our agency as a Producer with little industry experience. In the last two years, Rachel has become the ‘people’s champion’ this was not her role but a voluntary role that she took on in order to support the agency in onboarding new starters. Rachel has not only revolutionised how we onboard employees to the McDonald’s account, but she is also there when every new starter joins. She continues to be there as a support and has in turn become a go-to for much of the agency. When we talk about collaboration she not only lives and breathes it but she also has used her role as people’s champion to ensure others understand the importance of this company value.If every new person in the agency was like Rachel then collaboration would not be a value but a part of everyday life. I believe she will go far in our industry and I could not find a better way to thank her for all she has done.

Sofia Ravanis

Fox Agency

Sofia joined Fox Agency as a wonderful and enthusiastic graduate, having gained her Master’s degree. Having been at Fox Agency for six months, Sofia supports on the organic social delivery for our clients. She’s quickly become a key member of the digital team, with confidence and intelligence way beyond her level!

Working across numerous clients – Sofia supports on organic social execution, copywriting, social listening, reporting, and more. If you have worked with her directly, you’ll agree that she’s an all-round superstar.

Still young in her professional career, Sofia is looking to expand her skillset within the agency’s Team Digital, embarking on numerous training schemes.

It’s safe to say we’re very glad to have her as she champions learning in everything she does.

Agency Hero

Ben Scoggins


Well ahead of the pandemic, Ben and his family left London bound for Devon. After nearly 20 years in large creative agencies (Y&R, DDB, and Ogilvy) working on brands like Dove, Lurpak, and the BBC, it was time for a change. But not time for a rest.

Four years on, Ben is now the CEO of Organic, a 40-strong digital agency in Exeter, which boasts clients including Sainsbury’s, Decathlon, Argos and Heinz.

Ben’s impact on the agency has been nothing short of transformational. He’s re-engineered almost every aspect of Organic’s business around its expert team. To achieve that, he’s placed a ‘People & Culture’ department at the heart of the organisation, which now accounts for 8% of the agency headcount. They sit separately to formal HR and are focused on developing and sustaining Organic’s high-performing team.

Alongside that, there has been a major cultural shift. Now, there’s financial transparency in the business and a clear vision that’s built in-line with the beliefs and motivations of all individuals within the team. The agency works with like-minded clients, creates pro bono work for team-selected charity partners, and has put inventive measures in place to foster both mental and physical wellbeing. Ben has pioneered innovative ways of working within the agency, championed unlikely thought leaders, and created an experimental approach to hybrid and flexible working.

Organic is proudly in its third year as a certified B Corp, an affiliation that Ben brought to the agency well ahead of the curve. Ben ensures that the B Corp certification isn’t a badge, insisting that it has a bearing on the agency’s direction and daily decision making. Initiatives like ‘Green For Good’, for example, propel the agency forwards by helping its clients to create more effective websites with lower carbon emissions.

Last year, every single person in the agency received tailored external training. The agency also ‘reskilled’ team members looking for career changes, and offered formalised sabbatical leave, enhanced maternity, paternity and adoption cover, and introduced kick-starter work placements for under-represented groups. Ben’s growing team now feel heard, recognised and supported – a claim underlined by Organic being officially ranked this year as one of the Top 20 Best Small Companies to work for in the UK.

Ben’s commitment to team and environment is matched by his dedication to improving the quality of work generated for clients. In 2021 he led the agency to ISO 9001 and 27001 qualifications and to more award wins than any other year in the agency’s 16-year history. Organic saw staff turnover fall to 7% while growing productivity by over 20% and enjoyed its best ever financial performance (revenue and profit), with fantastic new business growth and 93% client retention.

Ben’s ability to empower, inspire and embolden his team, his clients and his community – enabling them to do great things – sets a gold standard for future agency leaders.

Cat Agostinho

Imagen Insights

Cat Agostinho makes our industry infinitely better because every day she thrives on helping others, on growing the next generation of talent. Her belief in young people and ultimately her dedication and drive in supporting those from all walks of life is refreshing.

We met on LinkedIn and Co-Founded our business, Imagen Insights. It was built on the premise of giving young people an opportunity to impact the world around them and to elevate their voices. Our mission is to help Gen Z shape their futures. We enable brands to crowdsource qualitative and quantitative feedback, ideas and insights from our community of over 22,000 Gen Z from 111 countries to build their branding, marketing and/or products via our platform – and we pay our community for every insight provided.

Cat has made sure our work has a wider purpose, we’re giving back to young people, empowering them and giving them experience to add to their CVs. Cat has co-created a business and a culture that champions inclusivity, and she has ensured Imagen Insights adapts processes and methods to cater for languages, disabilities and social factors. Her commitment to diversity and inclusion is proven as our community is unquestionably diverse – beyond gender and race: LGBTQ+ 9.9%, Free school meals: 18.1%, Registered disability: 5.2%, First to uni: 8.5% State school: 77.6%, Female: 65%, Non-binary: 0.8%, Black: 24.5%, Asian: 23.2%, Mixed/other: 10.6%.

She’s constantly helping others, putting time into personal networks and our business. Cat’s mission is to continue to support young people and provide them with opportunities regardless of their background, ensuring the underestimated are given a fair shot. That’s why I chose to co-found our business with her. We’ve come so far in a short space of time with her direction and influence at the helm.

Throughout the years, Cat has been involved in many varying initiatives to empower different people as she feels a sense of responsibility to support the next generation of leaders. She has a passion for mentoring, demonstrated through her work with Education and Mentorship programmes. Despite her involvement in a variety of different ventures, Cat goes above and beyond to provide opportunities for young people as shown by her willingness to mentor five women from underrepresented backgrounds.

Her motto is, ‘success will come if I help others along the way’. I wholeheartedly believe that she acts upon this every day. In 2009 Cat co-founded dawn – a community dedicated to inspiring and developing women’s careers both personally and professionally and from there her impact on the industry has just cascaded. Cat always shares the strengths and talents of others, admitting with excitement how brilliant they are. She doesn’t evaluate people based on social standing or skills, she looks at what makes each person unique and that’s why I love building our business with her and why she’s a truly inspiring leader. Cat is, without a doubt, an agency hero.

Stephanie Fisher

Hello Earth Agency

Hello Earth is a B Corp certified, specialist digital marketing agency focusing on helping businesses that are dedicated to social and environmental sustainability and corporate citizenship.

I founded Hello Earth back in 2017, after returning home from Australia and finding out I was expecting my first child. At the time I laughed and then I cried and then I laughed again. This was typically me. I have a plan, but the world has a plan for me. My life was about to change considerably and rather than sit back and watch it unfold I made the decision to fight for change.

Knowing I was entitled to no maternity,  and not wanting to rely on my partner (I am a feminist until the bins need taking out) I made the decision to take back the control of my employment. But this time things had to change. 

I had passion, but I needed a purpose, I needed to be inspired, I needed more from my career, I needed to know I was making a difference. And so, Hello Earth was born.

4 years on, we are a powerful team of 12, who are collectively responsible for the growth and empowerment of our agency and clients. Our head office is in the UK, however we once again find ourselves back in Australia with our Sydney office fully operational from 2021.

Our talented team comprises digital marketing strategists, paid media experts, content marketing specialists, digital performance executives, and digital designers. We specialise in paid advertising and email marketing, strategy, and communication. Our head office is in the UK, but we also have a branch in Australia. 

Since 2017 we have doubled our growth year on year, welcoming 12 new employees in the UK and 5 in the Australian division. Our UK turnover is projected to tip 1.2 million this year, a staggering 1193.37% increase in three year period.  
Having secured global client partnerships including: The Simple Folk, Empowered by Ashely, Skin & Tonic,  Petit Nord, Nice Drinks, and Go Gently Nation, we are proud to report that we have generated almost £54 million in sales for our clients.  

We believe sustainable brands will be the future of eCommerce in particular and business in general. We believe in their values, philosophy, and power. That is why we’re committed to helping these brands leverage their purpose to grow. In the meantime, we also deliver our own corporate social responsibilities. Our 3D Impact Strategy is part of our commitment to sustainability, integrity, and evolution. Our future depends on all businesses — no matter how big or small they are — making positive steps to evolving all industries to a state of sustainability

Businesses have often engaged Hello Earth because they:

* Wanted to work with a partner who aligned with their business goals and values.

* Understood they had a great product but needed expertise in an agency who knew how to advertise to the ‘conscious consumer’ 

* Knew we have the data and insights needed to convert their target audience.

* Had the case studies and social proof

Ali Smith


In my line of work I work with clients direct predominantly, and dare I say agencies at times.

One agency I have consulted at more than once (and the only one) is MG OMD. They are an award winning agency and always wining agency of the year etc etc. Just look at their most recent work for Specsavers to know see why.

There is a reason for boomeranging. And that reason is Ali Smith.

She is, on a personal level, the most empathetic thoughtful person as well as being an absolute assassin knowledge wise with both clients an internal stakeholders.

Her cross digital media knowledge is exemplary and is nothing but a support and friend when I need it, especially as an outside consultant when it can be challenging to get buy in and to get things over line wherever you are.

Underpinning this, her understanding of mental health and wellness is critical, and on my first stint in 2019 when I was in not such a good place, she propped me up to enable me to do the work I needed.

What more do you need to know? Personally and Professionally – a total HERO, let alone Agency.