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Jamie Irving


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“Jamie joined the team in July of 2022 after what had been quite a tumultuous period of change for the Brand. From restructures to leadership changes and never quite being able to either articulate or deliver on the potential of Digital; Jamie stepped into the role of Hof Digital Marketing.

From the outset it was clear he had a deep understanding of the levers at our disposal, getting to work at first with our agency partners. What struck me most in these conversations was the tone; there was a definite change in approach from our side as a brand, one of collaboration over direction and at times, frustration. Whilst his tenured experience agency side certainly helped in this regard, it has most definitely driven a more profitable and harmonious working relationship between our business’; “”””it’s just nice to have someone who gets both sides”””” probably says it all and that’s how it’s been described to me by our partners.

Whilst fostering a relationship of collaboration with agency partners was the start, that relationship has allowed the team to deliver positive results to the business and he has been instrumental in translating those results to non DM natives up and across the organisation.

These results have given the business confidence, and that confidence has allowed Jamie to hire in skillsets the business was lacking and build a true cross channel marketing function which works collaboratively with key business units such as finance and insights. Through ensuring the business had the right skill sets to face into the future we were able to realign against a single plan for customer engagement and to drive efficiency within acquisition – this was only possible through empowering the talent in the team to make decisions and act with autonomy under four principles

• Is it genuinely incremental?
• Is this adding value or is it complicating?
• Does this create a positive consumer experience?
• Do we have the right measurement in place to asses it?

Throughout this time, we were also able to work closer with industry partners and digital marketing platforms, and whilst sizable savings were made, we were also able to advance. Over the past 12 months we’ve been early adopters across a wide number of platforms, including Google and Meta. In doing so we’ve been able to gain competitive advantage and look at how we can setup in a way where we’re genuinely confident and comfortable leaning into AI. This is a big step forward for a business going through a digital transformation.

Jamie’s impact on the business has been transformational but he has also had a positive impact on the culture, leaning on the partnerships with Meta and Google to positively influence our approach to D&I and people development. He is a quietly persuasive leader and our Brand Hero.”

Oliver Shayer


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“Ollie joined Boots two years ago as Omni-Media Director to lead both consumer media and also build our Retail Media Network, setting up and running Boots Media Group.

Since joining he has been a key part of driving the transformation of Boots, building the media function from scratch across strategy and planning, performance media and measurement. He has worked closely with both our agency partners and digital suppliers such as META, Google and TikTok to build strong successful partnerships; as well as bringing fresh thinking and first to market opportunities in to Boots.

He has helped build a performance culture, introducing both short and long term attribution to deliver consistent clear results across multiple campaigns and move media from being seen as a cost to being seen as a growth driver.

Ollie has also been responsible for transforming our retail media organisation in to Boots Media Group, bring new digital inventory in to both our stores and also online estates. He has launched “”Audience360″” a tool to allow our suppliers to safely utilise our first party data across multiple media platforms including META, Google, TTD and linking this to end to end measurement for both offline and online sales. He has also carried innovation into BMG recently signing a key partnership with ITV to connect Boots data with ITV’s BVOD inventory to make this available to our suppliers.

Ollie is really passionate about growing people and has built teams in both consumer media and BMG to support him in this journey. Growing BMG to now a team of 40 from 10 two years ago and for the first time at Boots successfully bringing together all media on the Boots consumer side (Brand and Performance) to create a truly omni-media team.”