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Publishing Collaborative Champion

Philippa Evans


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“When Philippa joined JCDecaux UK in 2021 she bought with her seven years of experience in programmatic. Having previously held roles at MailOnline and VIOOH, her knowledge of programmatic advertising and the technology that powers made her a powerhouse from day one – in everyone’s eyes but her own. Philippa’s calm temperament, passion for excellence in media, and her dedication to helping others make her the unsung hero in the programmatic team.

Never one to seek the spotlight, Philippa is a selfless collaborator who goes above and beyond to enable others to grow and shine in their own unique way. Philippa’s journey to a leadership role is well and truly underway. Her achievements are often celebrated by colleagues, clients, and partners – but she rarely notices as her focus remains on championing others, ensuring every prDOOH campaign is the best it possibly can be, and that along the way everyone is treated with respect and equity.

Anyone who has had the pleasure of meeting Philippa in a work environment will have learned something about prDOOH. She is a fearless subject matter expert – few people have more years under their belt, she joined VIOOH in its founding year. While many would seek fame from that accolade, Philippa sees it as a humble responsibility to not only share her knowledge and experience, but to remain on the forefront of digital media as a whole through continuously immersing herself in learning opportunities.

As second-in-command for JCDecaux UK’s programmatic offering, Philippa throws herself into challenges presented at the coal face as well as at a leadership level. Over the past two years, she has proven herself to be just as capable of solving technical glitches as she is of driving positive change within the organisation.”

Alex Newberry

The Independent Publishers Alliance

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As a co-founder of The Independent Publishers Alliance, Alex Newberry has been a tireless supporter of the UK’s independent publishers.

Since the rise in popularity of programmatic, independent publishers have seen a distance created between them and advertising buyers and agencies. This was the result of ad buyers reducing the amount of partners they worked with and, instead, relying on certain companies that can give them the most scale and satisfy the majority of the brands they represent. Eventually most Indie publishers saw this kill off their direct sales for everything but real endemic brands.

In 2021, Alex devised and co-founded the Independent Publishers Alliance. He said: “We are using our expertise and our connections in the market to support the independent publishing community that is so important to the health and survival of the open web. We’re increasing their knowledge and getting them to begin thinking like big publishers, while advising them in ways that we know work well for independent publishers. 

“Our combined strength and size help us to have communication with the tech brands that they wouldn’t usually be able to work with. It gives them access to SSPs, demand, or staff that they couldn’t have had before. We’re delivering opportunities for our members to become stronger together. Another thing that is important is that we give them a mouthpiece in the industry. We have a platform now, and great people are interested in hearing what we’ve got to say.”

Alex added: The past few years have been challenging times, but it’s been great to see many publishers big and small not just surviving but really thriving, diversifying and showcasing the ongoing importance of high quality, trusted editorial content.””

Chloe Lambert


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“The UK Association for Online Publishing (AOP) is an industry body representing digital publishing companies that create original, branded, quality content. As the Head of Commercial Sales & Partnerships at the  AOP, Chloe Lambert champions the interests of media owners from diverse backgrounds including newspaper and magazine publishing, TV and radio broadcasting, and pure online media.

Having previously worked in sales positions for major publishing  and digital media organisations, Chloe brings in-depth industry knowledge to her important role at the AOP, which she joined in 2017.

Chloe is a fearless advocate and champion of the digital publishing industry and has been central to the AOP’s mission for many years. A tireless networker, Chloe is at the very heart of the digital publishing industry and has helped innumerable publishers to spotlight their best work. “

Publishing Hero

Lauren Dick

Mail Metro Media

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“Having spent 5 years working in the media agency sector, Lauren Dick joined Mail Metro Media as a Digital Strategist in 2014 and has driven the media brand’s digital evolution ever since, rising through the ranks to be appointed to her current role as Executive Director, Media and Data Services in 2022.

Lauren’s drive and focus on innovation within the organisation is unrivalled. In recent years, Lauren has overseen major digital developments including Mail Metro Media’s proprietary Consent Management Platform and the launch of its new future-proofed identity solution dmg::ID, on to the market. Earlier this year, Mail Metro Media became the first European news publisher to launch vertical video infrastructure across its digital portfolio.

Lauren said: “As the leading publisher for engagement and attention-grabbing video, we are constantly seeking and developing new ways for our audiences to engage with us. We’re excited to now bring them even better video experiences from our experts on all subjects, whilst creating innovative new opportunities for our advertising partners.

“We are also working on a number of initiatives to white-label our proprietary tools to the wider market so that our partners benefit from the insights that we live and breathe every day, and that shapes all of our decision making.”

In her spare time, Lauren recently ran her first London Marathon.”

Karen Eccles

The Telegraph

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“MD of Digital, Innovation & Partnerships at The Telegraph, Karen Eccles has been a trailblazer in the digital media industry for the past 25 years. Karen joined The Telegraph in 2017 from DC Thompson companies, Shortlist Media & Beano Studios, where she led transformation projects in digital and video. Before this, she spent 2.5 years as Commercial Director at leading video adtech company Innovid.

A true believer that digital innovation is vital to the future success of any business, Karen has been instrumental in helping The Telegraph to successfully evolve into an award-winning multi-platform digital news brand,while diversifying into new revenue streams, including advertising, digital subscriptions, travel, financial services and events.

Karen is a strong advocate of good practice in adtech and supports the current ‘cookieless’ direction of the industry. In a recent interview she said: “My hope is that we use this point in time now to redefine the direction the industry has gone in. For me it would be a real shame if we took this opportunity and just tried to replace the third-party cookie with an alternative solution that does the same thing. We have a once in a generation chance to rewrite things.”

In her spare time, Karen is a Board Trustee of the ‘Young Lives vs Cancer’ charity and also spends time mentoring other women in the industry via her association with Bloom UK.”

Mark Johnson


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“Mediashotz is a digital news and features website covering the Media, marketing, advertising (including the dynamic adtech industry) and creative sectors.
When Mediashotz launched in late 2019, no one could have guessed that a global pandemic was about to descend upon the world.
Despite the global shutdown, founding editor Mark Johnson continued to publish, with no income for the first 16 months of the news site’s operation, sharing stories from the UK’s media, marketing, advertising and creative sectors.
As a FREE to access site, he felt it was important to keep sharing the stories, achievements, milestones and thoughts of an industry struggling to maintain a foothold against a global slowdown, especially to the small and medium-sized agencies and brands in a world dominated by bigger players.
When some were slowing down, Mediashotz was running news stories; commissioning industry leaders to comment on the state of things amid a pandemic and how they were dealing with it; and sharing stories of how exciting new brand campaigns were being created in a new ‘socially distanced’ world where everyone was ‘WorkingFromHome’.
Eventually, support started to come in from those who appreciated the role Mediashotz played in giving brand stories and industry players vital visibility at a time the industry really needed it.
Mediashotz is also a strong supporter of gender equality and LGBTQ+ issues, most recently with its ‘Her Voice’ series featuring the views of women in the media, marketing and creative worlds.
Its ‘M Shorts’ pages opened a new type of channel for short, immediate reaction to major relevant calendar and news-breaking events.
As editor, Johnson is keen on brevity and – conscious of the fact most people are timed starved these days – favours short headlines, tight news copy and feature content limits of 900 words.
Mediashotz is also a keen supporter of the adtech sector, and continues to build connections among the disruptors and influencers within the global adtech industry.
Though still a start-up, Mediashotz continues to publish content and share valuable insights that may otherwise be missed from the news landscape.
With no budget available for its own marketing, Mediashotz has grown its social media following 100% organically, and although still small, its follower base is made up almost completely of industry professionals.
Johnson has excellent relationships with his partners in the PR industry and believes that kindness, understanding, respect and a mutual desire to support each other are values that need to be championed in our rapidly changing media world.
The daily job of publishing and sharing the stories of those in the media, marketing, advertising and creative worlds is a dream job that Mediashotz executes with a passion in the belief that news should be FREE for all to access.
Of course, people need to be paid for the work they do, and Mediashotz’ unique partner support programme and groundbreaking BuyMeACoffee partnership means that the site can attract both large and small customers, with even the smallest PR agency able to see its content on the Mediashotz news flow.
Mediashotz is conscious that it is much smaller than publishers such as Campaign, LBB, NDA and The Drum, all of which it hugely admires.
Johnson believes the competitive rivalry of old has had its day and that the media landscape has changed so much that time is now right for the publishing world to become far more collaborative and supportive of each other, and looks forward to helping shape that new dynamic. So watch this space.”