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2020 to be a golden year for consumer privacy

As part of our 2020 Visions series, we spoke to leaders across the industry on camera to hear their hopes for the year ahead.

Amir Malik, Digital Marketing Expert at Accenture Interactive believes that this year for the first time we’ll see the true convergence of CRM, creative and media at brands. However, he sees addressable TV as one of the most exciting opportunities or advertisers in 2020.

“Also, in 2020, the black cloud of privacy legislation is is morphing into a positive force as consumer privacy comes to the fore,” he adds.

At Teads, Head of Publishing Emily Brewer, also believes this year will be a pivotal one when it comes to consumer trust in digital media.

“This will be a golden year for consumer data being respected,” she says. “We can now offer a premium, brand-safe, fraud-free environment where consumers have complete control.”

David Hayter, Head of Digital, Stylist Group, also believes 2020 will be a golden year for publishers.

“With the promise of a single user ID across the web, consumers will get the benefits promised ten years ago, publishers personalising content in a privacy-first manner, showing you things we think you want that you genuinely want to consume,” he says.

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