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DoubleVerify Bolsters Media Authentication on Meta: Extends Brand Safety and Suitability to Facebook and Instagram Feeds & Reels

DoubleVerify has announced the expansion of its brand safety and suitability coverage on Meta to include measurement of Facebook and Instagram Feeds and Reels. With this release, global advertisers will be able to independently authenticate campaign quality and protect their brand equity within these engaging, user-generated media environments. 

“The expansion of DV’s industry-leading, AI-powered classification technology to Facebook and Instagram Feeds and Reels underscores our commitment to helping brands ensure safe and suitable ad environments across all channels,” said Mark Zagorski, CEO, DoubleVerify. “The protection of brand reputation online is an important factor in maximising campaign performance for the global brands we serve.”

With this release, advertisers will benefit from: 

  • Proprietary Technology: DV leverages AI to ensure the most accurate content classification at scale. DV classifies content directly above and below the placement of ads – enabling brands to authenticate the content surrounding their promotion using DV’s Brand Safety Floor and Suitability Tiers – which are mapped to the GARM framework. 
  • Comprehensive Coverage: DV now offers more holistic media quality measurement across Meta ad placements including Instagram Feed, Instagram Reels Ads, Facebook Feed, Facebook Reels Ads, Facebook in-stream video and Audience Network.
  • Trusted Measurement: Brands can rest assured that the industry’s leading, independent, third-party verification provider authenticates their Facebook and Instagram campaigns.

“DoubleVerify’s expansion of brand safety and suitability solutions across Facebook and Instagram is an important step forward in our ongoing efforts to foster digital transparency and trust within our advertising environments,” said Samantha Stetson, Vice President of Client Council and Industry Trades at Meta. “Responsible marketing is a key priority at Meta – and we are delighted to expand our partnerships with this important solution.”

Advertisers have access to measurement data and insights through DV Pinnacle, the company’s unified service and analytics reporting platform, to monitor and optimise the performance of their Meta ads campaigns.

DV became a participant in Meta’s measurement partnership program in 2017, offering fraud and viewability solutions on Facebook and Instagram. In 2019, DV launched brand safety and suitability on Facebook’s in-stream video inventory and Audience Network. In 2021, DV announced an expanded brand safety and suitability integration with Facebook, extending verification to In-Stream Reserve, while providing new tools to boost control and efficiency. Most recently in 2023, DV extended media quality authentication to include viewability and fraud verification for Facebook and Instagram Reels inventory.

DoubleVerify is a client of Bluestripe Communications, part of The Bluestripe Group, publishers of New Digital Age