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NDA Meets: David Winstone, Trading Director  UK, Channel Factory

In the latest NDA Meets podcast, NDA Editor Justin Pearse sat down in Cannes with David Winstone, Trading Director  UK, Channel Factory to discuss the future of the digital advertising industry.

Topics covered included contextual alignment and how Channel Factory is helping brands align with the right content and using context as a proxy for performance. 

“Context is one of the main strategies in preparing for a post-cookie world,” he says.  We’re looking at signals like geo and IDs and working with partners like Comscore which provides us with predictive audiences.

What surprises clients most is the granularity we can go into with context to let you really hone in on the audience you are after.”

Other areas of discussion included how to deal with issues of mis-attribution in CTV advertising, how AI is helping to close the loop between ad delivery, context and creative, sustainability in digital media, attention and more.

“Attention is a leveller as it’s the closest we’ve been able to get to a real-world measure of if people actually are watching ads, and it’s a much better predictor of brand uplift. We’re now starting to trade campaigns based on attention sessions.”