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Playground xyz’s high-attention marketplaces are now available with PubMatic

Playground xyz, the attention measurement and optimisation platform, has announced a new partnership between its Attention Intelligence Platform (AIP) and PubMatic (NASDAQ: PUBM), an independent technology company delivering digital advertising’s supply chain of the future, allowing advertisers to create bespoke, high-attention marketplaces within the sell-side platform.

Playground xyz’s AIP technology fuses eye tracking panel data with an advanced AI to optimise Attention Time – how long in seconds an ad is actually looked at – across both creative and media in real time. Advertisers using PubMatic will now be able to bolster their campaigns and adjust ad spend towards the inventory that is securing the highest levels of attention. 

“Advertisers are starting to harness the power of measuring and optimising their campaigns on a quality metric like attention, rather than proxy metrics like viewability. Making this revolutionary metric accessible to customers is a key step to adoption and we are excited to partner with PubMatic, one of the world’s leading ad tech companies, to provide this scalable solution to their clients,” said Rob Hall, CEO, Playground xyz. 

Attention Time is highly predictive of brand and performance outcomes, making it a revolutionary barometer for advertisers to improve campaign effectiveness. Playground xyz’s AIP solution makes attention insights actionable for advertisers by not only offering attention measurement but the ability to optimise their campaigns towards attention while the campaign is running. 

“We are seeing the demand for attention-based solutions continue to surge and are excited to offer advertisers the ability to choose Playground xyz’s industry-leading high-attention marketplaces within our platform. Integrating AIP’s Attention Time capabilities is an exciting step forward in allowing the world’s biggest brands to take action on attention,” said Peter Barry, Vice President, Addressability and Commerce Media, PubMatic. 

Playground xyz AIP’s high-attention marketplaces are now available to all global PubMatic customers.