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Programmatic OOH Predictions: Akama Davies, Director, Global Solutions and Innovation, Xaxis

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NDA has partnered with VIOOH for a series of articles exploring OOH advertising and the role programmatic technologies will play in its development. 

As part of this project, we spoke to industry leaders to hear their predictions for DOOH and programmatic OOH in 2021. First up is Akama Davies, Director, Global Solutions and Innovation  at Xaxis.

What are the biggest opportunities, and challenges, for DOOH in 2021?

Digital out-of-home advertising is presenting new opportunities to reach and influence consumers, adding new targeting, reach, engagement, and amplification to marketing campaigns.

What are the biggest opportunities, and challenges, for programmatic in OOH in 2021? 

DOOH placements, traded programmatically, can reap even more benefits for advertisers when run with coordinated digital campaigns. 

Knowing a screen’s geographic coordinates, audience composition and previous device exposure allows marketers to tailor messages to real-world circumstances and use increasing evidence-based approaches. Messaging can flexibly conform to audience composition in specific locales at specific times.

How has COVID impacted your planning for the use of programmatic advertising in OOH in the next 6 months? 

An emphasis on business outcomes and omnichannel strategy can help marketers overcome the challenges of investing in the channel during uncertain times. Omnichannel techniques which include the strategic coordination of new technologies and messaging opportunities across each component of a campaign can build progress toward a stronger holistic outcome. 

DOOH serves a crucial — but not singular or separate — role in this approach.

We saw programmatic DOOH be the first to be turned off. But first to be turned on with flexible budgets vs. the penalties of traditional OOH.

Programmatic DOOH presented new opportunities to reach and influence consumers more precisely with the accuracy of data. Not to forget the collection of campaign data bought through programmatic ways can be repurposed for future planning and buying of online activities. Especially as all historical movement patterns channel instantly and in some cases irrevocably.

Buying in an automated fashion only means more creative flexibility and control over how the creatives can be shown in a real-time manner which suits the uncertainty COVID-19 presents brands.

Better measurements give offline audience insights that help our advertisers to understand its effects on key KPIs such as brand lift, sales lift, and increased footfall to stores as every bit of media investment is more precious than ever and we’ve seen brand budgets get clawed back in favour of performance.

Do you intend to decrease or increase investment in programmatic OOH in 2021?

We plan to increase investment in programmatic OOH in 2021.

As a media channel  programmatic DOOH has proven to be resilient and we are extremely optimistic about the opportunities for our clients in 2021. At Xaxis we’re extremely excited to realise the potential of DOOH for our clients, with outdoor campaigns that are more: integrated, flexible, measurable, accountable, and creative. As we innovate in this space, we always think brand, customer, and outcome first

What was your favorite programmatic OOH campaign this year? 

We strive to make the outdoor channel more accessible and attractive to digital opportunities by:

  • Integrating different supply access points media for a maximum digital scale
  • Using data intelligently to identify the most effective times and frames to reach audiences which can be translated to and from other programmatic channels
  • Unified measurements with the singular metrics can be made to compare with other digital activities

A campaign that typifies this is a campaign we ran for Veeba Sauces where we were able to help increase in-store sales by more than 15%.

Identifying buying patterns among consumers for Veeba Sauces, Xaxis designed the campaign to target the upper-middle-class population in Delhi. With a host of competing brands, standing out in stores was also a challenge. 

To reach out to their target audience, customers were targeted at three key touchpoints at the supermarket: before they entered the store, at the store, and the billing counter. Using Xaxis’ proprietary platform intelligence, the campaign gained richer insights and analysis of all audience dynamics, enabling the attribution of the effects of the contextualised content strategy as well as its impact on brand engagement and in-store behaviour.

As consumer attention becomes increasingly elusive, Xaxis’ programmatic DOOH capabilities allowed Veeba Sauces to build connections with target audiences in real-time and understand the direct impact of DOOH on the customer journey. By leveraging programmatic DOOH, brands can enjoy the benefits of digital display advertising, including data-driven targeting, measurement, and live creative updates, in localized, high-impact media sites.