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The Road to Programmatic Pioneers: Sander Heussen, Head of Performance & Analytics, Miele X

The Programmatic Pioneers Summit is back, taking place LIVE and in-person at the Tower Hotel in London this May 24-25. NDA is speaking to some of the speakers in the run-up to the event.

What is the biggest opportunity for advertisers in digital marketing in the next 12 months and why?

I see a big opportunity for advertisers who will be able to unlock the potential of first-party data by integrating customer insights into their digital marketing strategies. Improve on gathering first-party data by providing customers clear information on privacy and offering a consent management system where the customer is in charge. It will be key to have integrations in place between the systems that are gathering and processing data with the systems that are able to act on the insights. By increasing the quality of your first-party data and applying these insights this will increase the performance of your ads in a cookie-less era. Advertisers that will be able to leverage this opportunity will gain a competitive advantage.

What is the most exciting aspect of attending Programmatic Pioneers Summit?

For me it will be to hear about the latest development within the programmatic ecosystem and talking to industry leaders and exchange on learnings and ideas. It gives me inspiration on how to improve the programmatic desk within our company now and in the near future. 

What has been yours or your company’s most impressive achievement this year and why?

We have been able to continue growing Miele X, the digital global hub of Miele, and deliver on global digital projects within the fields of E-Commerce, Digital Marketing and Data & Analytics. On a personal note, I’ve formed a performance marketing team that supports 50 sales subsidiaries on improving results  within the performance marketing channels: paid and organic search, display advertising to increase overall D2C revenue.

What technology are you most excited about at the moment and why?

I wouldn’t highlight a specific technology, but my main excitement goes out to the integration of the marketing technology stack. New technologies keep emerging and the amount of technology solutions increases exponential, but I see a lot of solutions that operate in isolation. For me the excitement lies in the opportunity that an integrated marketing technology stack has. Being able to connect the dots to create a well-oiled marketing machine instead of siloed parts of the machine. 

You can see the agenda for the event here

You can register for the event here and use the code 22NDA@PPS to get a 10% discount