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The Women In Programmatic Network: Emily Palmer, Consultant, Emily Ad Woman

The Women In Programmatic Network was set up to represent women in the programmatic industry. To celebrate its work and its members, NDA will be running a series of interviews with its members. Next up is Emily Palmer, Consultant, Emily Ad Woman.

Why did you join the Women in Programmatic network and what do you hope to get out of it?

I’ve been in programmatic since 2011 and advertising well before that. I am here to help and share my experience, and equally to learn from women with different specialisms and in different markets. And of course to create opportunities for the amazing women in our network

What are the biggest challenges, and opportunities for women in the programmatic industry today?

The Women in Programmatic Network is working on a research piece that includes challenges women face, so we will soon have an answer that is underpinned by data.

In the meantime, something I have witnessed women experiencing is limited upward progression. If the challenge is getting pigeonholed or feeling deprived of promotions, then one opportunity is to leverage our subject matter expertise in broader or complimentary roles.

Our discipline is heavily intertwined with data, media strategy, commercial relationships and more, lending opportunities to bring our in-demand experience into new areas.

What does the industry need to do to champion women in the programmatic industry better?

Until we see equal representation of women at all levels in our industry, companies should invest extra resources (both budget and time) in upskilling, coaching and helping to make women and other minorities in their business literally be more visible–at events, speaking engagements (in person, web events, podcasts), company meetings, white papers and thought pieces.

Also, importantly, hiring managers and company executives should proactively invite women to apply for promotions.

What are the biggest challenges, and opportunities overall for programmatic advertising this year?

It’s go-time for all data stakeholders to properly work together. Genuinely being on board with compliance, transparency and collaboration is now table stakes.

What is your biggest achievement in programmatic to date?

Having the gumption to grab consulting by the horns three years ago. I am proud of the work I have done across a number of clients, and my experience in programmatic and data made that possible.