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Marketers confident about cookieless future, but education barrier remains

With Google having begun the deprecation of third-party cookies for 1% of users, research has revealed that 77% of marketers feel prepared for the complete removal of cookies.

According to a PrimeAudience survey of 256 UK marketers, there is widespread optimism about the cookieless future, with 91% feeling confident.

Despite the general feeling of confidence, just 21% of marketers have begun implementing the solutions they have found to be right for them, with a further 18% an early testing phase. Surprisingly, 22% are still only researching solutions, while 17% want to start testing but don’t know where to start.

“While UK marketers feel confident about their preparation for the cookieless world, many have not even started testing cookieless solutions yet. The start of the cookie deprecation process from Chrome may be the right time to change it,” said Mateusz Rumiński, PrimeAudience VP of Product.

The slow adoption of solutions can be explained by a lack of understanding of the tools available in the post-cookie world. An educational barrier has left around a third of respondents not knowing how to use Google’s Topics API and Protected Audience API, clean rooms, or universal IDs.

Nonetheless, when asked about the solutions they plan to use in 2024, marketers placed the Protected Audiences API (32%) and Topics API (30%) just behind contextual targeting (34%), with universal IDs in fourth (28%).

Utilising these solutions, marketers are placing a lot of importance on understanding how best to capitalise on online first-party data more effectively (49%) in 2024. They’re also keen to maximise partnerships with tech partners (44%), while seeing potential in the power of AI (38%).

“It is also good to see first-party data along with AI being perceived as a key enabler for this uncertain time,” added Rumiński. This view is directly aligned with PrimeAudience’s vision for the future of our industry.”

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