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Marketers still aren’t ready for cookie deprecation

Despite having a number of years to prepare for Google Chrome’s deprecation of third-party cookies, two-thirds of UK marketers don’t believe they are well-prepared for when it happens in 2024.

According to an Adform survey of 331 UK marketers, conducted by YouGov, just 33% feel they are well-prepared for the removal of cookies, though almost half believe that finding a solution to replace third-party cookies is critical to future success.

Equally concerning, only 36% of marketers think they are fully aware of the solutions available to replace third-party cookies.

Regardless of the general unpreparedness, marketers are clear on wanting greater ownership of their ad spend and tech stack. In fact, nearly 80% are keen to understand how their budget is allocated between media, tech, and other costs. Meanwhile, marketers are unsure who to trust with their spend, with 50% believing that walled gardens are not transparent.

“These insights are deeply concerning. Marketers are clearly aware that they need to put solutions in place but lack traction when it comes to understanding the potential impact of the removal of cookies or where really to begin in taking back control of their media plans,” said Philip Acton, UK country manager at Adform. “Considering Google has delayed this multiple times, there has been ample time for marketers to prepare. For the majority that are still lagging behind, if they really want to make their spend work for them, they need to focus on working with transparent partners, with the right expertise.”

*Adform is a client of Bluestripe Communications, owned by Bluestripe Group, publisher of NDA


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