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Walmart to launch its own DSP

Walmart has unveiled its plans to launch a demand-side platform (DSP) that helps marketers and advertisers to leverage the retailer’s data to target customers.

Walmart Connect – the retail giant’s media arm – has built the DSP in partnership with The Trade Desk. It combines The Trade Desk’s technology with Walmart first-party omnichannel data, promising to enable advertisers to be more effective.

“Unlike other DSP products in the market, our standalone platform combines the best-in-class technology and performance of The Trade Desk with the robust scale of Walmart’s unparalleled first party omnichannel data, allowing advertisers to be more effective with their overall media spend,” said Rich Lehrfeld, Senior Vice President, Walmart Connect, in a blog post.

The Walmart DSP will enable advertisers to leverage Walmart’s past purchase and predictive audience segments, as well as brand-level shopping behaviour data from across the retailer’s physical stores, websites, and app. And, thanks to The Trade Desk, advertisers can manage multiple campaigns across display, streaming video, mobile, audio, and connected TV from a single platform. The DSP also gives advertisers the opportunity to connect online-to-offline sales by using Walmart’s purchase data to measure online and in-store transactions.

The DSP launch to select suppliers by the end of October, giving them the opportunity to capitalise just ahead of the holiday shopping season.

“By connecting and measuring both online and in-store performance, the Walmart DSP can offer targeting, reporting and omnichannel insights down to a granular level,” said Lehrfeld.

“We want to make it easier and simpler for brands and advertising agencies to partner with us through programmatic and self-serve solutions, and Walmart DSP is the latest release in our product innovation pipeline to deliver on that goal.”